Joe Budden Says He Gets Most of His Drake Intel 'From My Love of Escorts'

According to Budden, escorts are "the CIA of the subway system."

Drake in a denim jacket with a chain necklace, looking pensive at a night event
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Drake in a denim jacket with a chain necklace, looking pensive at a night event

Joe Budden says he gets "most" of his Drake intel from escorts.

The remark came in a recent podcast discussion featuring Akademiks as a special guest, with Ak crediting Budden with having "prophesied" recent events. As previously reported, Budden said last week that he had "good information" pointing to imminent diss tracks from the "Summer Games" sequel denier and Kendrick Lamar. Days later, we indeed had a new diss.

"I think most of my Drake intel today comes from my love of escorts," Budden said in the latest podcast clip, as seen below. "I’m not trying to be funny."

Budden elaborated a bit further by pointing to the "ground level" nature of escort work when it comes to such issues.

"The escorts just always know," he said. "The escorts are ground level to it all. The escorts are the CIA of the subway system."

Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks discuss Joe’s hatred for Drake.

— Johnny (@johnnyflash__) April 15, 2024

From there, Ak and Budden debated some of the latter’s past Drake-focused remarks, specifically the criticism he shared amid last year’s For All the Dogs rollout. At one point in the new discussion with Ak, Budden speculated about alleged sex addiction.

"I believe Drake to be a sex addict," Budden said in the episode, available in full here. "I think he has a sex addiction. Quite a few people in entertainment have a sex addiction."

To be clear, Budden isn’t shaming escorts in his latest remarks, or the use of escort services; likewise, those reading this article shouldn’t take it as an opportunity to engage in such either. It should go without saying that doing so would be lame. 

As for what's next in the ever-expanding Drake vs. Kendrick (or more accurately, Drake vs. Everybody) saga, it's safe to say that the next days should be interesting. For the latest development, we turn to Rick Ross, who just last night rolled out his 6 God diss "Champagne Moments" to streaming services.

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