J. Cole: 'Feed Me Beats. Everything Gettin Murdered'

J. Cole has put out an open call for beats he vows will help him ensure "everything" gets murdered. J.I.D is up for the challenge, but what exactly is Cole cooking up so soon after 'KOD'?

J. Cole is craving some beats.

Out of nowhere Monday, Cole tweeted through his hunger and vowed that "everything" would be murdered once he was fed.

This could mean Cole—whose KOD album just dropped back in April—is preparing to hit the studio soon, even as the album's accompanying tour kicks off this week in Miami. While a new album anytime soon seems unlikely, perhaps Cole is testing the waters for a possible mixtape in the near future—or maybe he's about to drop some quick freestyles to whatever gets tweeted at him.

Cole's request was of course met with immediate response, including from Raekwon and J.I.D, who's set to open for Mac Miller and Thundercat on the upcoming Swimming Tour. 

Though Cole's talent is undeniable, an arguable sore point among those who don't exactly heavily rock with his music is the need for some diversification with regards to his production. The majority of KOD's production, for example, was handled by Cole himself. It's hard not to imagine Cole potentially being able to win over the not-thoroughly-convinced with a new project comprised of beats from a wide variety of sources, both established and up-and-coming.

At last month's Woo Hah! Festival, Dreamville's Bas teased an upcoming collab track with Cole. The two have previously linked for "My N***a Just Made Bail" and "Night Job."



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