Frank Ocean's Coachella Set Left Fans Confused 

Frank Ocean's long-awaited Coachella headlining set finally went down on Sunday, bringing with it confusion and speculation among attendees.

frank ocean is seen performing live

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frank ocean is seen performing live

Frank Ocean’s long-awaited Coachella headlining set finally went down on Sunday night, albeit not without a swarm of confusion surrounding it.

First, fans who had long been planning to watch from home via the official festival livestream were given the bad news: Frank’s set would not be livestreamed. This alone spurred a range of reactions, most of them of the understandably frustrated variety. 

But still, fans at home found a way to get in on the action by tracking down various streams from those fortunate enough to be experiencing Ocean’s performance in person. The hiccups didn’t stop there, however, as Ocean’s set ultimately didn’t kick off until roughly an hour after its initially scheduled kickoff time.

Frank Ocean’s Coachella set list 🎶

As expected, there has since been a great deal of speculation (more on that below) as to why, exactly, the performance started late. There’s also been much discussion about the look and overall feel of the performance itself, with some pointing out how the setup of the stage obscured fans’ view—the loose-feeling layout of the set, meanwhile, has also received attention.

During the set, however, fans did receive good news in the form of some hinting at a new album. While any such album is likely still quite some time away from being shared with the world, Ocean made sure to mention it when addressing the crowd on Sunday.

“I wanna talk about why we’re here because it’s not because of a new album. … Not that there’s not a new album but there’s not right now,” Ocean said. During the same pause in the set, Ocean also remembered his late brother Ryan Breaux, who died in 2020.

In terms of speculation, per festival insider info source The Festive Owl, sources claim the stage design was initially slated to feature an ice rink. “At the last minute,” these sources claim, Ocean decided to have the stage design taken down, putting in motion an extensive deconstruction process that caused Sunday night’s delay.

I’ve been speaking with sources about exactly what transpired and how things went so far downhill Sunday for #FrankOcean + #Coachella…so here you go 👇 The stage production was suppose to (and did) contain an ice rink that was constructed and ready to go. Frank decided at the…

See more of what people have been saying about Frank’s set below. For now, it’s not clear whether we can expect an official stream of Frank’s set for the second weekend of Coachella. As previously reported, Complex has reached out to the festival for comment. 

I’ve never seen so many people walk out of a show so upset and confused. The amount of anticipation for this was extremely high, and I don’t think anyone was satisfied. Not even the diehard fans. (And if you weren’t there… don’t talk lol.)

A man has never played me worse than Frank Ocean tonight.

I missed #Succesion for this Frank Ocean??? Be fucking for real #Coachella

No one shows up this way for something they love. Frank Ocean doesn’t seem like someone in love with the art anymore. Maybe there’s more going on and if so he deserves grace. But that was so bad it’s insulting to anyone who is a fan.

This might be the most difficult terrible stick figure drawing I have had to do. Frank Ocean said no photos, but the stage is so dark you can’t see anything except people marching in a circle. Frank is wearing a coat there somewhere. #Coachella

that was the strangest ….. performance/set… I have ever witnessed

People are pissed. Yelling. A true train wreck of a performance from Frank Ocean. We expect more from our millionaire heroes.

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