Fleetwood Mac Streams Rising After TikTok User Goes Viral With Blissful Video Skating and Sipping Juice to “Dreams”

The "Dreams"-soundtracked clip has been making the rounds and inspiring tribute posts since first arriving last week via TikTok user 420doggface208.


Image via KnowYourMeme


Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," a track taken from the band's 1977 album Rumours, is once again providing the soundtrack to a god-tier meme.

You've certainly seen it. If you haven't, do yourself a favor below:

So thanks for the love and support an here it is my original video same as all going around but yes thanks for the love n donations it’s very appreciated an much needed 🤙🏼 vibe on world pic.twitter.com/gkCgc1U9As

— *BLAZIN*4*1*NATION* (@doggface208) September 27, 2020

The clip comes from TikTok user 420doggface208 and sees the man enjoying a contagious moment of Mac-inspired bliss while coasting through the universe atop a skateboard. Notably, the man—identified in this KnowYourMeme breakdown as Nathan Apodaca—also utilizes the unique joy brought on by sipping from a delicious jug of juice.

Apodaca's clip, naturally, went extremely viral over the weekend thanks—in part, at least—to a widely shared screen recording posted to Twitter by user @DrewFrogger. As the views and tribute videos started piling up, Apodaca himself took to Twitter to express his gratitude for the moment—which included a retweet from the band:

So thankful to everyone, YO! everyone share this to @fleetwoodmac an @OceanSprayInc see if they can help out with a donation or a commercial deal lolz

— *BLAZIN*4*1*NATION* (@doggface208) September 29, 2020

We love this! https://t.co/LgMGOGZIer

— Fleetwood Mac (@fleetwoodmac) September 26, 2020

And this isn't only the instance of 420doggface208 putting this proven formula to good use, with other examples including this equally golden clip soundtracked by Green Day's "Brain Stew":

Everything he posts is pure. Protect this man. I don’t want to inhabit a world without him pic.twitter.com/T1hiBgynyB

— DrewFrog (@DrewFrogger) September 25, 2020

In terms of the song itself, as Billboardpointed out, the clip's sustained popularity will certainly result in major boosts for the long-adored classic. On Spotify, as seen here, the track has already seen massive gains in the hundreds of thousands of streams since the skateboard and juice-assisted clip was posted on Sept. 25 (though it appears to have already been bubbling up with a noticeable resurgence even before that).

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