Fan Theory Suggests Kendrick Lamar Will Drop Another Album on Easter

A fan theory has emerged about a possible 'Damn' sequel, with 'The Matrix' and Jesus Christ cited as evidence.

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Kendrick Lamar's new album Damn isn't even a day old yet, but it's never too early for a conspiracy theory involving both The Matrix and an alleged resurrection. Thanks to a few Sounwave tweets and some Damn interpretations, a theory has emerged that another new Kendrick album is coming this weekend.

The leading theory, which was being heavily discussed on Reddit before making its way toXXL, begins with the events of Damn opener "Blood." The track seemingly depicts Lamar being killed, which is where the possible resurrection theme comes in. The official release date of Damn. is April 14, i.e. Good Friday. For those not into Jesus stuff, Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday, the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated.

But what does The Matrix have to do with any of this? Well, in Sounwave's tweeted photo of Laurence Fishburne​ as Morpheus, a reflection in his glasses shows the infamous blue and red pills at the center of the Matrix story. In last month's "The Heart Part 4," Lamar rapped "With TOC, you see the flames." According to the Easter x Matrix theory, "TOC" is an acronym for "the other color." Given the prominent use of red on the Damn album cover, theorists have posited that a second album (resurrection!) will be arriving soon with the color blue featured just as prominently on the cover.

Fans have continued to gather evidence, with some theorizing that Damn would be followed by an album entitled Nation.

But does all of this really mean anything? If you believe in the theory, guess you'll find out Sunday, which also happens to be the day Kendrick is headlining Coachella.

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