Just in case the current spate of reboots of the past several years, from Duck Tales to The Lion King to Beauty and the Beast to Point Break to Itwasn't enough for you, great news—there's another re-imagining of an iconic movie on the horizon. 

The Hollywood Reporter revealed Tuesday that Warner Bros. "is in the early stages" of bringing the world a new version of The Matrix. According to THR, there's good news and bad news. On the good side of the ledger, Michael B. Jordan may be taking Keanu Reeves' place as Neo. But in the minus column, the Wachowskis, who wrote and directed the original, have nothing to do with the project. X-Men: The Last Stand author Zak Penn is "in talks," THR says, to write the film.

Original producer Joel Silver is reportedly unlikely to play a role. Silver sold the rights to dozens of his films, including the Matrix, Lethal Weapon, and Sherlock Holmes franchises, to Warner Bros. for a reported $30 million back in 2012. When that fact is combined with his reported "strained relationship" with the Wachowskis, it seems very likely that Silver will sit this one out.

The Matrix, of course, was the 1999 surprise smash hit about a lowly computer programmer (Reeves) who rises to become humanity's last hope. It became the biggest moneymaker of 1999 among R-rated films, and spawned two considerably-less-well-regarded sequels.