Die Antwoord Respond to Eminem's 'Kamikaze' Diss: 'You Used to Rap Better on Drugs'

Die Antwoord, whose name Eminem mispronounced on last year's 'Revival,' have now responded to Em's latest diss. By the South African duo's assessment, Em was better when he wasn't sober.

Don't mispronounce Die Antwoord's name.

As you may recall, Eminem's 2017 album Revival included a line about the South African duo in the track "Untouchable." For apparent rhyming reasons, Em chose to bend the pronunciation, inspiring a prompt response from Yolandi Visser. "How would you feel if I called Eeminem?" she asked at the time. "Your name's Eminem, but I call you Eeminem because it rhymes with something." Yolandi and Ninja also shared a mock-heavy pronunciation lesson.

Em's surprise-dropped Kamikaze revisits that line, with Shady claiming he meant it as a shoutout. In the track "Greatest," co-produced by Mike Will Made-It and Backpack, Em also alleges a sexual relationship between Yolandi and Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs. Muggs contributed production to Die Antwoord's 2016 album Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid and the preceding mixtape Suck on This:

I know there's people that are pissed about the way I mispronounced a name
Die Antwoord!
Fuck, I still can't say this shit, but how quickly they forget
Who the fuck I was now Ninja try to duck my slugs
To let ya girl get fucked by Muggs
I'd like to give a shout to Cypress
This can't be real, you dissed me and I was just tryin' to give you a shout
Now get the fuck out my rhyme book!

Naturally, following previous Kamikaze replies from Machine Gun Kelly and Ja Rule, Die Antwoord have now responded to Em's passage with a playful freestyle.

"Sounds like you miss us," Yolandi jokes near the beginning of the clip. Ninja then clarifies that "Yolandi's not my girl" but just "my best friend who loves me" before asserting that Em rapped better when he wasn't sober. The duo also mocks Botox, Photoshop, and Em's current rhymes:

Yolandi's not my girl, bruh
She's just my best friend who loves me
Everybody knows Vissy dated Muggsy
Mad respect to my brother Muggs
Em, you’re slipping
You used to rap better on drugs
Motherfucker, I'm old and ugly
But these kids don't give a fuck 'cos they love me
We bred these kids, Em
They ain't giving no fucks
But they not feeling your rhymes or your Botox
Or that base on your face with the Photoshop
Or heard Neil Blomkamp's remaking Robocop
Watch this South African 
put that cool shit from Detroit 
back on the map again
You went out like Michael Jordan
Retired as a god and came back as a man

Catch the full thing below.

They also shared a clip of Ninja burning Eminem-emblazoned currency while vaguely ominous narration compares him to a wandering buffalo:

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