Eminem took shots at anyone and everyone on his surprise drop Kamikaze, igniting new drama and revisiting old. Slim Shady and Ja Rule have beef that dates back to the rapper’s early days under Dr. Dre, and this new album apparently couldn’t go without a jab at his old nemesis on the track “Greatest.”

“God forbid I forget, go and jump out the window, somebody better child-proof it

'Cause if I lose it we can rewind to some old Ja Rule shit

And I can remind motherfuckers I'll do shit.” 

Their beef stemmed from some prior drama between 50 Cent and Ja Rule, but escalated when Ja brought up Em’s daughter Hailie on his diss track “Loose Change” in 2002:

“Em, you claim your mother's a crackhead
And Kim is a known slut
So what's Hailie gon' be when she grows up”

Eminem later retaliated on the track “Doe Ra Me” in 2003, but Ja Rule figures Em’s latest diss on Kamikaze has something to do with his lines on “Loose Change.” When a fan points out Em is taking shots a Ja, he replies, “Guess that Halie line must be starting to hit home…”

On “Not Alike” Mr. Marshall Mathers goes after Machine Gun Kelly for a similar reason:

But next time you don't gotta use Tech N9ne if you wanna come at me with a sub-machine gun

And I'm talking to you but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly

I don't use sublims and sure as fuck don't sneak-diss

But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie

And Kelly later replied with this Instagram post:

Word to the wise, keep Hailie's name out of your mouth unless you want a diss from papa Em.