When Kanye West invites you to play basketball at Drake's house, you say yes. In the latest episode of Viceland's Party Legends, Ninja of Die Antwoord recounted one such basketball game in startling detail. Somehow, this story also involves "fucking delicious" banana pudding and porn of the anal sex variety.

"Paris Hilton FaceTimed me," Ninja said in his opening remarks. At one point during Hilton's drunken late-night FaceTime call, West popped up and invited Ninja to his house. According to Ninja, West's house was equipped with "a Jurassic Park swimming pool." Ninja and West then briefly talked about graffiti before West dropped the basketball invitation. 


Instead of a Jurassic Park-esque swimming pool, Ninja recalled, Drake's house was outfitted with giraffe and alligator sculptures. "Fantasy fucking rap land," he said. "Amazing...I thought it was just, like, a friendly game of basketball but it was like Kanye vs. Drake."

Ninja added that he wished he had been more proactive about basketball practice when he was younger, as such a skill would have made it possible for him to accidentally teabag Drake—with whom he previously had a bit of a public disagreement—during the game.

After Drake "walked into the sunset" following the game, Ninja retired to West's house, where he was joined by Travis Scott and the sudden display of anal sex porn. The three then enjoyed banana pudding crafted by Kim Kardashian.

Sadly, Ninja said he has since blocked West's number. Watch the full, eight-minute slice of hilarity above.