Investigative Report: Did Tyga Regift Blac Chyna's Mercedes to Kylie Jenner? (UPDATE)

Esteemed journalists are debating the great question of our time: Wait, is Tyga a regifter?

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UPDATE 08/10/15: The G-Wagon has reportedly been confirmed as the same one Blac Chyna returned to Tyga following their split. However, the vehicle was not gifted to Kylie Jenner. According to TMZ, Kylie was just driving the vehicle to a birthday dinner on Friday and happened to be photographed.

See original story from 08/08/15 below:
If I may, allow me to begin this investigative report with the scathingly amateurish move of copying and pasting, nay, screencapping a definition from Merriam-Webster. I can do this, for I am a journalist (?):

Before we continue, let's revisit a few articles of note in an effort to properly orient ourselves within the context of Tyga's latest purported folly. For one, I am, by no means, a Kylie Jenner detractor. In fact, I recently proposed that the once-rumored Tyga collaboration "Forever Real" might very well become one of the greatest songs of the year. I stand by that. I also stand by that thing I say whenever I walk past a PacSun in the mall: "That Kendall & Kylie line is kind of brilliant." I'm Team Kylie. I'm Team Jenner. I'm Team Kardashian. I'm Team All of That.

As for Tyga, well, where do we begin? I really wanted to find something (anything) to like on The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty. After all, Mike Dean and Kanye West were heavily involved with the album's creation, so something worthwhile had to have occurred, right? Not so much. The production ranges from passable to slightly above average, though Tyga's usual lyrical misguidedness flattens any inherent potential. Most damning, however, is the boring misogyny present throughout, perhaps a telling leftover from his sessions with Chris Brown which warranted the patently forgettable Fan of a Fan: The Album.

As if to double down on this perception, Tyga is now being accused by the hard-hitting journalistic minds at OlisaTV of putting that aforementioned Merriam-Webster screencap to good use. If these seemingly backed up claims are to be believed, then Tyga is in fact a regifter. However, Tyga's regifting extends far beyond the social confines of the usual definition:

Kylie Jenner Cruises 2015 Mercedes Red G-Wagon

— Bentigos (@bentigoss) August 8, 2015

The Mercedes G-Wagon pictured above, supposedly given to Kylie Jenner as an 18th birthday gift from Tyga, reportedly shares the same license plate as the Mercedes that Blac Chyna previously confirmed she returned to Tyga following their split:

For simplicity's sake, let's condense that all into one stacked statement: If that's the same Mercedes, then Tyga repainted it after the mother of his child returned it to him just so he could then regift it to his new significant other. Essentially, Tyga watched the Seinfeld episode excerpted below and decided to astronomically up the ante:

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Frugal? Sure.

Kingin'? Nope.


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