21 Savage's Legal Team Disputes Loaded Gun Report From Georgia Authorities

Police reports excerpted Thursday only add to the confusion surrounding why, exactly, ICE is involved.

New details on the arrest of 21 Savage that eventually resulted in him landing in the custody of the should-be-abolished U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were alleged via excerpted police reports Thursday. However, a member of 21's legal team, Brian Steel, quickly shared a statement disputing multiple claims found in the reports.

Thursday afternoon, TMZ ran a report citing "three police reports" in which police claim a "fully loaded Glock" was found in a red Dodge Challenger 21 was driving at the time of the arrest. The car was allegedly spotted by police driving "across the sidewalk" while trying to get onto another road.

At that point, per the new report, the Challenger was pulled over and ATF agents ordered 21 to stop the vehicle and toss the keys. The report also mentions a bottle of some sort being tossed, though it fails to specify what, exactly, was in said bottle. The gun is listed in an evidence inventory section as being "connected to" 21 Savage and was reportedly found inside the car's glove box. Per attorney Brian Steel, however, both the gun and the vehicle do not belong to 21

In a separate statement, attorney Alex Spiro said: "ICE has confirmed he was targeted for immigration enforcement and nothing more. He was never arrested by the police, and some other individual’s firearm and vehicle is not our concern here."

21 was ultimately cuffed and transported by ATF. Previous reports suggested ICE agents were the ones who initially took 21 into custody. ICE even reportedly gave a statement in which they attempted to smear 21's Atlanta image. TMZ claims DeKalb, ATF, and Georgia State Patrol are among the agencies named in the report. ICE, however, is not mentioned at all despite reportedly being on the scene. 

Another reported detail from the new reports is that Young Nudy, who was also arrested, is named in police documents as the actual subject of the targeted operation. SG Tip, who was revealed via court documents earlier this week as also having been arrested during the operation, is alleged in the new report to have had an M4 rifle in his vehicle. SG Tip and 21 were not in the same car. All told, there were reportedly three cars involved. As reported Tuesday, SG Tip was booked Feb. 3 under allegations of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and violation of street gang terrorism and prevention act.

While those who are bizarrely quick to leap to the defense of organizations like ICE will likely try to flip the TMZ report in their favor, the previous arguments given by 21's legal team (which now also includes attorney Spiro thanks to JAY-Z's Roc Nation) and others who support fair and humane immigration practices certainly still stand.

"The arrest and detention of 21 Savage is an absolute travesty," JAY-Z said in a statement announcing his and Roc Nation's support this week. "His U visa petition has been pending for 4 years. In addition to being a successful recording artist, 21 deserves to be reunited with his children immediately, #Free21Savage."

21 is currently being detained at the Irwin County Detention Center, Rolling Stone sources said Thursday. The center has a disturbing history of alleged abuse and has been described as "one of the worst" such detention centers in the nation.

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