That thing that happens sometimes in which a paparazzo approaches a public figure at the Los Angeles International Airport happened again Tuesday. This time, ASAP Rocky was the figure and a TMZer was the approacher. The topic? 21 Savage's arrest at the hands of the should-be-abolished Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

"Shout out to the U.K.," Rocky said when hit with an inquiry about 21, whose legal team said this week was the subject of inaccurate information being shared by ICE. "Shouts to 21 Savage. Shout out Skepta. I fuck with London boys. I ain't know he was a Brit, though. Shout out to the homie."

Rocky was adamant that where 21 was born doesn't matter, even asking the paparazzo where he was from. "[21] from the A," he said. "How you gon' judge that man?" See the full exchange above.

Wednesday saw Rocky drop the new "Kids Turned Out Fine" video, directed by Dexter Navy with VFX from Mathematic. Check that out below:

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Rocky recently said the clip is his "best work yet" with Dexter Navy:

On Tuesday, 21's team released a statement clarifying that 21 came to the States when he was 7 years old. In 2005, he visited the U.K. but returned later that same month. The following year, per Pitchfork, 21's legal status expired "through no fault of his own."

In addition to a wave of support among frequent creative collaborators, fellow artists, and fans, 21 has received public support from those pushing for a more humane approach to an issue that should feel inherently American to anyone with even a cursory understanding of what this country claims to be founded on.

Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson shared an open letter this week reminding everyone of 21's many charitable activities and touted him as a "remarkable young man" whose contributions to the greater Atlanta area are numerous.