Cardi B Slams People Who Bullied Mac Miller Online: 'He Was Crying Out for Help'

Cardi responded to an attempt at reviving criticism of Cardi's 2019 Grammys win against 'Swimming' by reminding them of how they treated Mac.


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Cardi B has criticized those aiming to revive a negativity-centered and inaccuracy-riddled argument over her 2019 Grammys win.

Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B’s 2018 debut studio album, ultimately took home Best Rap Album honors at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. Also nominated that year was Nipsey Hussle’s Victory Lap, Pusha-T’s Daytona, Travis Scott’s Astroworld, and Mac Miller’s Swimming. The latter was released roughly one month prior to Miller’s tragic death at the age of 26. Earlier this year, Swimming became the late artist’s first platinum-certified album.

On Wednesday, Cardi responded to a tweet in which someone questioned why Miller’s family was asked to attend the 2019 ceremony, where Invasion of Privacy ultimately won against Swimming. As Cardi pointed out via screenshot, Miller’s family didn’t have any “mean energy” regarding the night’s outcome. She also noted how some of those who now make arguments like this are also the same who were quick to make light of Miller’s public struggles prior to his death.

“Where was the love when ya bullied him for months on this app [and] he was crying out for help?” she asked. “Makin fun of him when he crash his car? Ya don’t care till somebody is gone.”

Later, Cardi reminded those adamant about rehashing this topic that she also publicly dedicated her win to Miller:

Elsewhere, Cardi drew attention to the hateful comments many made when word broke in 2018 of Miller’s arrest in connection with allegedly crashing his car while intoxicated, and spoke candidly on how bullying via tweets or otherwise can have a detrimental effect on an artist’s mental health. At one point, she cited this year’s acclaimed Framing Britney Spears documentary as containing infamous examples of this playing out by way of abusive paparazzi tactics.

At this year’s Grammys, set for this Sunday on CBS, Cardi is among those slated to appear in a performer capacity. As Cardi herself revealed earlier this month, she will give fans renditions of both “Press” and “Mi Mami,” the latter of which is a collab with El Alfa.

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