ASAP Rocky and the Mob Roast Nick Cannon on 'Wild 'N Out'

Where's the album, Rocky?

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ASAP Rocky brought the Mob to Thursday's new episode of Wild 'N Out.

During the Wild Style showdown portion of the episode, host and creator Nick Cannon tried to rip ASAP Ferg for dressing "like a stop sign" and mocked Rocky for his recent injury. For good measure, Cannon also compared himself to a rooster for anatomy-related reasons. Rocky fired back, mocking Cannon's choice of attire and affirming "fuck handsome, a n**** been gorgeous." See the full clip up top. Ultimately, Justina Valentine steals the whole damn segment.

​​Rocky recently wrapped sessions for his new album in Berlin. In January, Rocky dropped a trio of new tracks, the first two of which arrived with crash test-themed artwork featuring the word—and presumed project title—Testing. However, Rocky later swapped out the artwork on the SoundCloud uploads for a simple yellow image with an all-caps "DUMMIE" in the center. The move, coupled with the repeated use of the phrase "this is a test" in connection with the new tracks, suggests that Rocky was simply unloading a few one-offs ahead of the next era of Rocky.


As I've previously reminded you, and will continue to do so with vehement consistency, fellow fans of Rocky's psychedelic tendencies on At. Long. Last. ASAP should be pleased with what he’s been cooking up in the three years since that album's release. "Oh trust me," Rocky told the London Evening Standard back in September when asked if he still enjoys taking "lots" of LSD. "I love it. Yeah. I just dropped yesterday!" Same.

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