ASAP Rocky's At. Long. Last. ASAP was a highlight of 2015. The single "L$D," specifically, still stands as some of Rocky's finest work. With the track's video (co-directed by Rocky and Dexter Navy), Rocky was able to accurately capture cocky psychedelia without completely tumbling down the rabbit hole of surreality. In a new interview with the London Evening Standard, Rocky confirmed that the beauty of LSD remains a frequent presence in his life as he readies a new album.

"Oh trust me," Rocky said. "I love it. Yeah. I just dropped yesterday!" Rocky has recently been working on the untitled album, his third, in London. "I've been in the studio, just that, nothing else," he said. "Don't even leave. It's in my room, so..."

Rocky also revealed what's so special to him about working in London. "I'm just... I express myself way better when I'm in an environment that allows me to be," he said. "When I'm here, for the most part, I'm in a peaceful, creative environment and I'm testing the waters and making new music, messing around with new sounds and anything that's innovative."

As for potential collaborators on the "futuristic" new album, Rocky confirmed he's been working with Skepta. Sound-wise, well, we'll just have to wait and see. "They've been missing me, they've been waiting for me, they need some new music, they need some new sounds, new waves, new swag, new everything," Rocky accurately noted. "And who's the man you go to for that? Yours truly. So I'm back, like I never left."

In August, Rocky—speaking with Complex about ASAP Mob's cozy new tape—confirmed that his new album would be out by the end of the year. "It's about to drop," Rocky said at the time.

Who's ready to trip?