It sounds like we won’t have to wait much longer for ASAP Rocky’s third solo studio album.

During a performance in Berlin this week, Flacko told the crowd he had gone to the city with one specific purpose: “We got new shit. A lot of y’all don't know, but the only reason I came to Berlin is to finish my album that I just finished.” The audience, of course, appreciated the news.

Rocky went on to thank everyone who contributed to the upcoming album, as well as the people of Germany.

Again, this is reassuring news for Rocky fans who have been holding their breath for an album since 2015’s At. Long. Last. A$AP. Though there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the project, the Harlem rapper has said it’ll be unlike anything he’s released before.

“My new album is really about testing new sounds. People are scared to test new sounds, so they go with what's current 'cause it's the easy thing to do,” he told GQ in 2017. “The top 100 songs sound a certain way. People cater more to that because it's a bigger demographic behind that, or it's a guaranteed demographic behind that. I prefer to experiment and have my crowd grow with me and to reach new crowds. I don't just rap—I actually make music. That's why it takes time. These sonics represent me.”

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the project at this time. No one knows when it’ll drop, who it’ll feature, or what it’ll be called; however, many people suspect the album will be named Testing … or Dummie. The latter title was featured on the updated cover art for Rocky’s recently released records “Above,” “5IVE $TAR$,” and “Money Bags Freestyle,” which may or may not appear on the upcoming album.

There’s clearly a lot of unanswered questions, but in light of Rocky’s recent announcement, we assume details will be revealed very soon. Keep it locked. 

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