Akon Shares More Details on Akon City Plans: 'We Want All the Latest in Future Technologies'

Soon, Akon said, he'll share a 3D rendering of the city's layout.

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Akon has elaborated further on his plans for a future-minded city in Senegal, revealing in a new interview that he’s set to soon unveil a 3D rendering of the layout.

"We got the land," Akon told TMZ this week. "We got all the licenses and everything to move forward. That's the update. I'm giving you the update. See, I've been working on this for about seven years trying to get the bases going and we finally secured the land."

Akon added that securing the land was actually the most difficult part of this journey so far.

"With the land being secured, we have to also be regulated as and considered a city," he explained. "There's already a city within the city. And I'm trying to create an area where I can work out with my partnership through the government to where it's a free zone."

The Akonda artist said he wants businesses to be able to come to the city "and make it a headquarters for all of Africa." He also reaffirmed his commitment to keeping things futuristic, noting he has zero interest in technologies of yesteryear.

"We want all the latest in future technologies," he said. "I don't want nothing from the old days. I want it all to be based on tomorrow's technology and how it's gonna be built for our future because all the latest technology now is all instruments and minerals and resources taken from Africa. I'm already in Africa, so we can build everything within the African continent without having to outsource anything from the outside."

Moving forward, Akon teased that everyone will soon get a better glimpse at the city design.

"Don't worry," he said. "In a minute, I'm about to reveal the whole city and what it's gonna look like [through] 3D rendering. I'm going to be able to post it on YouTube so y'all can see the city before it builds up."

Back in January, Akon said he had finalized an agreement for the establishment of Akon City in Senegal. "Looking forward to hosting you there in the future," he said at the time:

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