50 Cent Looks Back on People 'Calling Me Fat' at Super Bowl LVI: 'The F*ck You Gonna Tell Me Now?'

50 recently addressed speculation surrounding his 40-pound weight loss, crediting it to working out and being on the road for his global Final Lap Tour.

50 cent takes his hat off at a game
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50 cent takes his hat off at a game

50 Cent hasn’t forgotten how some responded to his surprise appearance during the Emmy-winning Super Bowl LVI halftime show in 2022.

In a recent Instagram update, 50, fresh off announcing he's “sold another show,” laid out his succinct message for those who had mockery on their mind after he popped up during the halftime show for a music video-recreating rendition of his classic “In da Club” track from 2003.

“I done turned into Mr let’s make a deal on these hoes,” 50 said in the caption of the IG post in question. “[T]he fvck you gonna tell me now? Yall was calling me fat at the super bowl … don’t think I forgot that shit!”

instagram screenshot from 50 cent

Last week, 50 addressed speculation regarding his recent weight loss, which he credits to simply hitting the gym more frequently and being on the road. Per 50, he dropped from 253 pounds to 210.

"I was in the gym,” 50 said in an IG-shared video. “I was working the fuck out, man. And they say it's Ozempic? I was running, I was running, I was doing what I had to do. You seen me on tour.”

50’s Final Lap Tour, a global celebration of his debut studio album Get Rich or Die Tryin, spanned more than 100 shows before coming to a close in December. Despite spending much of 2023 on the road, 50 didn't slow down in the TV production space. In fact, 50's G-Unit Film and Television Inc. production company was recently confirmed to be launching a new space in Louisiana.

As for 50's frequently headlineable approach on social media, he recently apologized to anyone he may have "offended" and suggested everyone instead start working together in the future. Such unity, he added, will lead to all involved getting "more done."

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