50 Cent Says He’s 'Only Flying Private' After Disputed Report of 'Fire or Explosion' Risk on Boeing Planes

At this point, it's safe to assume we can all expect a swift 50 Cent response on every major news story.

50 Cent smiling and performing on stage, wearing a black baseball cap and black t-shirt, holding a microphone
Image via Getty/Prince Williams / WireImage
50 Cent smiling and performing on stage, wearing a black baseball cap and black t-shirt, holding a microphone

50 Cent is expressing gratitude for having the privilege to fly private amid the ongoing Boeing discourse.

To be clear, the global aerospace company has ssued a statement regarding recent claims from the Daily Mail, namely a piece the tabloid published on Wednesday alleging that hundreds of planes used by United and American Airlines had a "potential flaw" that could result in fires or explosions. In a subsequent statement to TMZ, a Boeing rep slammed the report as "misleading and reckless," adding that it "sensationalizes" what the company says is merely part of the "standard regulatory process" surrounding air travel safety.

Still, the report was widely shared and discussed, which is understandable given the slew of deeply unflattering Boeing developments that have been reported on as of late. 50, who's presumably always prepared to comment on the news of any given day regardless of topic, was among those quick to chime in.

"Ok im only flying private fvck this," 50, whose IG activities are frequent fodder for headlines, said on Wednesday. "I can’t go out like that."

An Instagram post by 50 Cent about Boeing planes at risk due to electrical flaws. The caption mentions only flying private jets

The report in question centered on the company’s fleet of 777 planes; specifically, it pointed to what it said was an FAA proposal over an alleged "electrical fault" on this particular plane model. According to TMZ’s sources, this proposal was not intended as any sort of final rule on the matter but was instead merely a proposal.

Attention on Boeing is undeniably high at the moment. Earlier this month, a whistleblower for Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems was reported to have died from an infection. In March, a Boeing whistleblower involved in a lawsuit against the company died by suicide. More recently, the aerospace company was in the news in connection with an instance of severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight that left one passenger dead, though concerns about that unsettling story were more about air safety in general.

50, meanwhile, is currently fresh off telling fans that his long-teased Diddy docuseries would be coming to Netflix following a bidding war.

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