42 Dugg Shares "Go Again" Song and Video After Being Released From Prison (UPDATE)

According to a source, Dugg was picked up by CMG boss Yo Gotti and Dugg's family and friends.

42 dugg with gotti
42 dugg with gotti

UPDATED 10/23, 1:50 p.m. ET: 42 Dugg has shared "Go Again," his first new song since being released from prison.

Stream the song on Apple Music, Spotify, and other major platforms here. Below, see the track's official video, directed by Diesel Filmz.

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42 Dugg has been released.

In May of last year, the 28-year-old CMG and Glass Window Entertainment artist was arrested after not showing up to serve his six-month sentence in connection with illegal firearm possession. In comments reported by Detroit News at the time, lawyers for Dugg said their client was not trying to "flee," arguing instead that he was appealing the case and didn't know that he was required to show up. Dugg later pleaded guilty to failing to report.

More recently, Dugg shared (and later deleted) an extended letter to Instagram in which he detailed the conditions he said faced while behind bars.

“ATL US marshalls tryna keep me from going home I supposed to got out [sic] oct 14th of last year they illegally held me without reasoning because they felt my federal judge in Detroit shouldn’t of gave me ah bond," Dugg, who said he needed the "best civil lawyer in Georgia" to help him, wrote on IG in May. "I let that slide then after I got sentenced [one of them] tell me he not sending me to ah prison, he gone make me do my time in ah county jail which is ten time worst, then he had the nerve to tell me he knows where I live.”

That same month, CMG boss Yo Gotti stepped up with an offer of "$2 million for any lawyer that can get Dugg out early."

As for Dugg’s eventual release, a source says he was picked up by Yo Gotti and Dugg’s family and friends. At Dugg’s request, he went straight to the studio after being picked up.

Next month, Gotti and members of the CMG family will be on the road for the Gangsta Art arena tour.

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