42 Dugg Says He's Forced to Use 'Nasty Ass Shower' Water to Heat Food While Detailing Prison Conditions

“Let me update yall on what’s really going on,” Dugg wrote in a long message detailing the upsetting circumstances.


42 Dugg has revealed the alleged harsh conditions he’s dealing with at the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia, which include heating his food with “nasty ass shower” water. 

The Collective Music Group rapper took to his Instagram with a since-deleted post opening up about what he’s going through on the inside. According to Dugg, he’s been hit with so much and it doesn’t seem like his situation is going to get any better. 

“Let me update yall on what’s really going on,” Digg wrote. “ATL US marshalls tryna keep me from going home I supposed to got out [sic] oct 14th of last year they illegally held me without reasoning because they felt my federal judge in Detroit shouldn’t of gave me ah bond, I let that slide then after I got sentenced [one of them] tell me he not sending me to ah prison, he gone make me do my time in ah county jail which is ten time worst, then he had the nerve to tell me he knows where I live.”

42 Dugg claimed that the U.S. Marshals wouldn't let him attend a court hearing via Zoom and that the "muthafuckas" have "been sending all kinda guards" to talk to him while also letting him know "the marshals" are actively trying to "ruin" his life. According to Dugg, the prison has yet to submit his paperwork for him to receive his official release date and he needs "the best civil lawyer in Georgia."

“Im in jail for going to the gun range, dropping dirty an failure to appear. I didn’t steal from nobody, hurt nobody, they handling me crazy. Man im in this bitch heating my food up with the water from the nasty ass shower, they dont even give us hot water to heat our food up aint no microwave, I can’t get no visits from my family nothing. Im sure they gone do some more illegal shit but what I pose to die in this bitch for probation violation.”

On Wednesday afternoon he posted again, writing, "They raided my shit last night man at 3am lol they taken me to war, I need Johnny Cochran lil cousin or sumn its on the flow in this bitch."

42 Dugg’s words arrived a few weeks after he received an additional one-year prison sentence over a guilty plea he entered back in March for failure to surrender for service of sentence. In 2020, Dugg was arrested in a federal gun probe in which authorities convicted him of being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

He was sentenced to six months in a West Virginia prison camp, but never showed up to serve his time, which caused federal agents to retrieve him. The agents intercepted Dugg at a Detroit airport last May. 

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