Eva Shaw Drops Her Long-Awaited Debut Album 'SOLO'

Toronto Producer Eva Shaw has shared her massive, 27 track debut album 'Solo'. Featuring 30 different artists, the LP shows off Shaw's skills so far.

Eva Shaw with her hand in front of her mouth, wearing a spiked choker

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Eva Shaw with her hand in front of her mouth, wearing a spiked choker

After dropping energetic singles “MIDNIGHT STRANGERS” and “EASTERISLAND” earlier this year, Eva Shaw has released her long-awaited, massive debut album. A project born from years of hustling, SOLO is the amassing of the Toronto-based producer’s craft so far.

Featuring 30 different artists on a whopping 27 tracks, SOLO shows off Shaw’s range as a producer, floating through EDM, hip-hop, and pop. After spending years in New York, Shaw came to a halt as she got sick at the beginning, forcing her to slow down and hone in what mark she wanted to make in the music industry. 

“I began exploring and experimenting. I didn’t think too much about what playlist or radio station [the project] was meant for,” Shaw says about the album. “I just did what I thought was cool and what made me feel some kind of way. This process has been crucial for me to to be able to find what I am best at and this project is an accumulation of feelings and experiments that are pure and real. SOLO is truly my starting point.”

“I am developing as a producer and an artist and I need to let this project out to be able to become what I envision,” she continues. “Music producers are easily more in the background, but I’ve always loved both performing as an artist and being behind the scenes on the production side. I am shy, introverted and creative, but I am also that crazy DJ who will give you a wild performance and show up in a ski mask wearing a gown and sneakers.” 

Listen to SOLO in its entirety below:



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