Lana Del Rey Fans React to Singer Being Seen Working at Alabama Waffle House

The staff of a Waffle House in Florence, Alabama recently counted Lana Del Rey among their ranks, much to customers' excitement.

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Lana Del Rey has a new gig that doesn't involve music.

The beloved "Summertime Sadness" vocalist was spotted working as a waitress at a Waffle House location in Florence, Alabama.

Social media posts highlighting the singer's new side hustle went viral as fans and coworkers snapped pictures with the star. Last Thursday, Del Rey was seen working a day shift at the restaurant, seemingly enjoying herself singing to customers, working behind the counter, and posing for photos.

In one of the videos posted by the Daily Loud, she said, "Oh look at this guy. Oh God, Charlie, don’t film him without his permission," showing concern for the privacy of her customers.

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The news sent Twitter into a frenzy as some users trolled her while others applauded the successful singer for recognizing blue collar workers.

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