Lil' Kim Perfectly Claps Back at Troll Who Tried to Body Shame Her

Spread love, that's what a real mob do.

Lil Kim

Image via Getty/Greg Doherty

Lil Kim

Lil Kim seems to be taking the high road (sort of) in her response to an internet troll who tried to body shame her recently. One Instagram user took the time to point out that she could see stomach rolls, and Kim responded appropriately by both putting her in her place and taking a stance in calling out toxic body shaming behavior.

The Shade Roomreposted Kim's glorious clapback alongside the original photo and the troll's comment for all the internet to behold. In the comment, Kim managed to defend natural portrayals of women's bodies, update us on her health and fitness journey, and even have time left over for a slight dragging of the unfortunate soul who attempted to come at her for her weight.

Kim noted she could have gone all out with a scathing clapback, but she opted rather to "help someone else who may feel a little self conscious about their weight gain." Then she got one last valuable lesson: "get positive, get in shape and healthy, and get a life! Go ahead sis u can do it make that CHANGE!!!! #Loveisallweneed."

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