Jacquees Hints at Legal Action Following Miami Beach Arrest

Jacquees is hinting at legal action against the Miami Beach Police Department following his recent arrest.

This is a picture of Jacquees.

Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

This is a picture of Jacquees.

Jacquees is hinting at legal action following his arrest in Miami Beach earlier this week. According to TMZ, the singer could be gearing up for a lawsuit against the Miami Beach Police Department for what he has referred to as "excessive force."

The initial incident occurred on March 21 when Jacquees was cruising through Miami Beach in his Lamborghini and a police officer spotted that he was not wearing a seatbelt. He was eventually arrested and charged with failure to obey an officer after initially not obeying the officer's command to pull over. The situation escalated after Jacquees shouted "Don't touch me," as the office was yanking him to the car. Police say his actions "disrupted the peace." The footage of the arrest also surfaced on Twitter later that day that showed the singer was handled rather aggressively by the officer escorting him to the back of a police car. 

Smh reasons why 12 isn’t respect!!!! @Jacquees hope your out today ❤️☺️ pic.twitter.com/P665QHWtV5

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Jacquees was not the only one that seemed up in arms about the officer's handling of the issue. Bystanders can also be heard shouting various criticisms and profanities at the officers in the background of the clip. Jacquees has since posted a video update to his fans addressing the issue. 

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"I'm here to let all of my fans and people who support me know that I am physically and mentally okay," he says. "At this time, I have been advised not to speak on this situation, and to let my legal representatives to look at the situation, and handle it how they feel is necessary."

While Jacquees does not come right out and state anything specifically, his legal reps might have something to say given how the officers decided to treat their client. No further update regarding Jacquees' potential legal battle with the Miami Beach PD is available at this time. 

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