Singer Jacquees had a run-in with the law in Miami on Wednesday after cruising through South Beach in his Lamborghini, the Miami Herald reports.

A police officer allegedly noticed Jacquees, whose full name is Rodriquez ​Jacquees Broadnax, wasn't wearing a seat belt and proceeded to stop him. But after the 23-year-old failed to pull the Lambo over and "disrupted the peace," he was arrested. The singer was charged with failure to obey an officer and disorderly conduct after reportedly yelling "Don't touch me!" Footage of the arrest surfaced on the internet, showing Jacquees being put in handcuffs.

Smh reasons why 12 isn’t respect!!!! @Jacquees hope your out today ❤️☺️

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People in the background of the video sound agitated as the officer forcefully yanks the singer around. "This is so typical," one bystander says. "Like why you gotta pull him like that? He ain't even doing shit!" another exclaims. Chants of "Fuck 12!" can also be heard. Based on the footage, one can see that the officer leading Jacquees to the police cruiser was being aggressive.

"The defendant did not obey my command and instead kept driving the vehicle at a low rate of speed with heavy traffic still northbound on Ocean Drive," the officer wrote in the police report. "He was then asked again to pull over and to provide me with his driver’s license. The defendant once again refused to obey a lawful command from this officer."

After Jacquees pulled his car over, he "abruptly opened the door, and exited," according to the report. A large crowd, which was a mix of pedestrians and his friends, soon gathered to witness the arrest. 

Jacquees was later taken into custody. "It should be noted that the defendant’s actions disrupted the peace and quiet and public morals of bystanders on a busy spring break day on ocean drive in Miami Beach," the report continued.