The 50 Greatest Rap Songs About Sex

From Future's "Rich Sex" to UGK's "Take It Off," here are the 50 best rap songs about sex (ranked).

rap songs about sex ll cool j
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rap songs about sex ll cool j

Some people expect great art to come to some grand conclusion on life, death, and the meaning of it all. All that stuff is cool, but hey—at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to get laid, too. Naturally, some of the most memorable moments in rap have been songs about getting freaky, from the bedroom to the car to the hotel to the motel to the Holiday Inn, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. If you’re out of ideas, Ludacris helpfully provides some creative suggestions on “What’s Your Fantasy.”

And though rap history’s riddled with interpersonal and regional clashes, if there’s one thing that unites even the most contentious of rivals—from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between—it’s the need to get nasty. Love is a beautiful thing, but there are plenty of songs dedicated to romance; sometimes, you just need to hear some raps that don’t beat around the (ahem) bush.

There are really no rules to what makes a great sex jam: from selfless cunnilingus anthems to fuck-your-feelings quickie bangers, we’re not judging how you’re trying to get down, as long as everything’s consensual and everyone leaves happy. And though hip-hop’s obviously been a male-dominated field for about as long as it’s existed, a quick spin through this list should make it abundantly clear that rapping about sex is by no means a “guy thing”—and we’re not talking rose petals and candlelight, either.

Below, we’ve compiled 50 of rap’s greatest sex anthems, spread across more than three decades. You might want to have your headphones on for this one; these tracks are definitely NSFW, unless you’ve got a remarkably tolerant office environment. Or, hey, let your freak flag fly—we’re all a little naughty by nature, anyway, right? Right.

50. Juicy J f/ 2 Chainz & Trina “Having Sex”

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Album: Stay Trippy

Producer: Supa Dups, Nineteen85

Label: Kemosabe, Columbia

On this bonus cut from his 2013 comeback album Stay Trippy, Juicy J lets you know he means business immediately, opening with a sample of Uncle Luke hollering, “If you believe in having sex, say hell yeah!” (That command alone is pretty amazing—the question isn’t if you are having sex, or even if you’d like to be having sex, but simply, if you support sex as a concept. I, for one, am in favor). “Having Sex” is a perfect mènage á trois: Juice elaborates on his much-documented love of strippers, Trina declares herself Miss America, and 2 Chainz delivers some of the raunchiest dad jokes in recorded history, including, “Bust a nut on her, that’s babysitting.”

49. Future “Rich Sex”

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Album: DS2

Producer: Metro Boomin, Southside, Frank Dukes

Label: A1, Freebandz, Epic

After all the actavis-addled debauchery of Future’s DS2 album comes a gentle ballad for making love… while insanely wealthy. Regardless of whether or not you can relate to that particular scenario, Future’s feather-light croons are totally infatuating as he promises to keep his Audemars Piguet on while getting down. So infatuating, in fact, that his video co-star, Blac Chyna, tattooed Future’s name on her hand shortly after filming.

48. HaSizzle “She Rode That Dick Like A Soldier”

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Album: n/a

Producer: HaSizzle

Label: n/a

The high-energy, call-and-response party music known as bounce set the stage for New Orleans hip-hop as we know it. Bounce rapper HaSizzle’s 2005 twerk anthem “She Rode That Dick Like A Soldier” became a local smash in post-Katrina New Orleans, and gained a second life more than a decade later, when Drake sampled it on Views’ “Child’s Play” (Drizzy allegedly heard the song while clubbing in Houston). Lyrically, there’s not much more to the track than the freaky title, repeated over and over—but really, what more needs to be said?

47. Lil Wayne “Pussy Monster”

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Album: Tha Carter III

Producer: David Banner

Label: Universal Motown, Cash Money

Wayne’s never been shy on the subject of sex, and more specifically, on the subject of good old-fashioned pussy eating—but never more explicitly than here, if it wasn’t obvious from the title alone. “Pussy Monster” was added to Tha Carter III after “Playing With Fire” was removed due to copyright issues, making the album perhaps not the best choice for soundtracking the family road trip. Saying a girl reminds you of “a bowl of hot stew” isn’t typically a seductive reference, but if anyone could pull it off, it’s Weezy F. Baby—and the “F” is for… well, what do you think?

46. Rasheeda “Got That Good (My Bubble Gum)”

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Album: Dat Type of Gurl

Producer: n/a

Label: D-Lo/Imperial

A true ringtone rap classic, Rasheeda’s big break was a not-so-subtle double entendre on which she proclaimed herself “the type of girl you wanna chew all of my bubble gum” (wink, wink). The Georgia Peach is in complete control here, setting the ground rules early: “First things first—I, Sheeda, mess around with no man who won’t eat her.” Preach, Sheeda, preach.

45. Cam’ron f/ Lil Wayne “Suck It Or Not”

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Album: The W. Carter Collection

Producer: BBanga

Label: n/a

A short list of iconic questions throughout art history: “To be, or not to be?” “Et tu, Brute?” And of course: “Baby girl, you gon’ suck it or not?” Sure, Cam’ron might not take the tactful route here, but sometimes it’s best to be direct—for example, “Got something for your face, fuck Proactiv.” Not to be outdone, Wayne drops some memorable one-liners himself: “Now stand back and catch my amazing graces.”

44. Ghostface Killah “Stapleton Sex”

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Album: Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City

Producer: Sean C, LV 

Label: Def Jam

“Stapleton Sex” is probably the nastiest song to ever come out of the Wu Tang affiliates camp, and you’ll know it from line one. Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry might have been Ghost’s “R&B album,” but he’s quick to let you know: “This ain’t no R&B dick, this hood!” (Unless it’s Thursday, of course—his “slow jam dick” day.) On top of that, the video is essentially Ghost’s turn at amateur porn direction, ball gags and everything.

43. Killer Mike f/ Big Boi “A.D.I.D.A.S.”

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Album: Monster

Producer: Mr. DJ

Label: Columbia

Back in middle school, I remember hearing a scandalous rumor that Adidas secretly stood for “All Day I Dream About Sex.” On the second single from his solo debut album, Monster, Killer Mike brought that rumor to life over a breezy beat with Big Boi along for the ride, borrowing a handful of Viagras from his grandad and advocating for safe sex (“When I drill, I don’t spill, even if she’s on the pill”). The song wasn’t Mike’s typical fare—in fact, he told Rolling Stone last year that he hates it. Respectfully, I beg to differ.

42. Celly Cel “It’s Goin’ Down”

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Album: Killa Kali

Producer: Tone Capone

Label: Jive, Sick Wid It

A Bay Area classic, “It’s Goin’ Down” is off Vallejo rapper Celly Cel’s 1996 album Killa Kali, on E-40’s Sick Wid It Records. The super-smooth track samples not just Keith Sweat but also Zapp & Roger, so you know Celly’s not playing around. He sets the mood for the evening by getting his hair twisted and playing some Madden ‘95. In fact, “It’s Goin’ Down” is all build-up, no release, and by the end, he’s just getting ready to finally take someone home—but sometimes the anticipation is the hottest part.

41. Eazy-E “Gimme That Nutt”

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Album: It's On (D̶r̶.̶ ̶D̶r̶e̶) 187ᵘᵐ Killa

Producer: DJ Yella

Label: Ruthless, Relativity

In retrospect, this wildly raunchy track from Eazy-E’s second EP (most of which functions as a Dr. Dre diss) is a tough listen, given that the gangsta rap legend would die of AIDS only two years after its release. But as a song alone, “Gimme That Nutt” is a fun, free-spirited ode to getting freaky as often as possible, with a hook that’s so catchy you might accidentally blurt it out in public.

40. Geto Boys “Quickie”

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Album: We Can’t Be Stopped

Label: Rap-A-Lot

Producer: Tony Randle, N.O. Joe, John Bido

Scarface is one of rap’s all-time great storytellers, so of course he’d manage to make even a quick hook-up sound epic. “Quickie” opens with Face dialing up a lady friend for, well, you know, and you’ve got to appreciate his honesty: “Let me take a shit, and I’ma meet you at 11.” The track has a bit of an M. Night Shyamalan twist: Scarface thinks he’s just signed up for a quick session in his car, until he’s facing down certain death unless his companion gets off.

39. Shawnna “Gettin’ Some”

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Album: Block Music

Label: Disturbing Tha Peace, Def Jam

Producer: Xcel

I’ve always thought the First Lady of Luda’s Disturbing Tha Peace Records deserves more credit for her super-nasty, rapidfire style, and “Gettin’ Some” is her masterpiece. Shawnna remains cool, calm, and thoroughly unimpressed by her various suitors, even when they’re whispering freaky promises in her ear: “Hey lil’ mama, can you give me a sec? Got a lil’ somethin somethin ‘bout as big as your leg.” Best of all is the hook, a chopped-up sample of Too $hort’s “Blow Job Betty” (which deserves its own honorable mention on this list, as well).

38. Outkast “Spread”

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Album: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Label: La Face, Arista

Producer: Andre 3000

A highlight from the sonic curveball that was The Love Below, Andre 3000 sings, raps, and generally makes the room feel like it’s melting in real time on “Spread,” an ecstatic, orgasmic future-funk jam that might be the most overtly sexy moment in Outkast’s catalog. “Just spread for me,” he wails on the chorus, and on his sole rapped verse, he tells his lover he wants to do it “backwardly, forwardly, horizontally”—a very 3 Stacks way of getting down, if you ask me.

37. Missy Elliott “Pussycat”

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Album: Under Construction

Label: Goldmind, Elektra

Producer: Missy Elliott, Erroll "Poppi" McCalla, Jr.

Tracks like “One Minute Man” and “Get Ur Freak On” might be better known, but real heads know that Missy’s sexiest song is “Pussycat.” It’s a slinky, self-produced stepper’s anthem off 2002’s Under Construction, on which Missy invokes an incredible mantra to keep her man from cheating: “Pussy don’t fail me now.” In fact, a version of the track featuring Janet Jackson and Lil Kim was rejected as a single because her label found it too explicit—one of music history’s great tragedies.

36. Gucci Mane, “Freaky Gurl”

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Album: Hard to Kill

Label: Big Cat, Tommy Boy

Producer: Cyber Sapp

Not only does “Freaky Gurl” have one of Gucci’s catchiest beats, courtesy of Cyber Sapp, it’s also loaded with incredibly memorable one-liners as the East Atlanta Santa riffs on the kind of girls you don’t bring home to momma. (“Three girls with me like I’m going on Elimidate” might not stand the test of time, but it’s hilarious all the same.) Gucci oozes charisma here, making it obvious how he’s pulling all these superfreaks. Take note of Zaytoven’s oh-so-2007 outfit in the video, too.

35. Danny Brown “I Will”

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Album: XXX

Label: Fool’s Gold

Producer: Squadda Bambino

You’ve gotta give it up for Danny Brown—the man is enthusiastic, to put it mildly, about cunnilingus. “What he won’t do—bitch, I will,” the Detroit MC promises on the hook. He goes on to make good on those promises and then some: “I go dumb and ignorant when I’m on that clitoris.” He even offers to go for it in broad daylight in the car, with his girl’s feet on the windshield. Not all heroes wear capes.

34. Trillville ft. Cutty “Some Cut”

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Album: The King of Crunk & BME Present: Trillville & Lil Scrappy

Label: Warner Brothers, BME

Producer: Lil Jon

There’s no shame in being labeled a “one-hit wonder” when that one hit is as good as “Some Cut.” The hit from the Atlanta crunk trio is easily best song ever built around a prominent bed-squeak sound effect (courtesy of Lil Jon). I’d probably advise against going home with random, horny men you meet at the mall, on a practical level, but this list is a judgment-free zone.

33. 2 Live Crew “We Want Some Pussy”

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Album: The 2 Live Crew Is What We Are

Label: Luke Records

Producer: Mr. Mixx

Trust Uncle Luke and the gang to provide what might be the best call-and-response chant in rap history. The Miami bass pioneers’ 1986 debut album was groundbreaking on a few levels: it stole the spotlight from NYC, rap’s center of gravity, and it was more graphic than pretty much anything else out at the time. “We Want Some Pussy” may have been controversial at the time (the state of Florida even deemed it obscene), but really, it’s just a straight-up good time.

32. Petey Pablo “Freek-a-leek”

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Album: Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry

Label: Jive, A&M

Producer: Lil Jon

In theory, crunk might not seem like the most ideal vehicle for a song about sex, but Petey Pablo begs to differ. Over a Lil Jon beat originally intended for Usher’s “Yeah!”, the North Carolina rapper flips from position to position and partner to partner—“Shamika, Kiesha, Tara, Shawna, Sabrina, Crystal, DaRhonda”—without breaking a sweat.

31. DJ Quik “Sweet Black Pussy”

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Album: Quik Is The Name

Label: Profile

Producer: DJ Quik

Talk about a strong first impression: “Sweet Black P***y” is the opening track to DJ Quik’s 1991 debut album, Quik Is The Name. Over a jamming funk sample set to a New Jack Swing pace, Quik lays down some fundamental stats: he’s 19, he’s 5’11”, and his dick is size 7. Oh yea, and he loves… well, you get it. It’s a bold, raunchy, and super-charismatic introduction to one of Los Angeles’ sharpest rappers ever.

30. Kool Keith “Sex Style”

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Album: Sex Style

Label: Funky Ass Records

Producer: KutMasta Kurt

1997’s Sex Style was the first album Kool Keith released under that name (as opposed to Dr. Octagon), and it’s easily one of the freakiest rap albums ever made. Its title track is as bizarre as Keith himself: a diss track cloaked in increasingly filthy sex metaphors, as he makes absurdist boasts like, “I’m in the club naked, man!” Somehow, it all makes perfect sense. “Not no horrorcore shit, this is pornocore,” he declares, which is probably better music criticism than I could ever hope to write.

29. Trina f/ Killer Mike “Look Back At Me”

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Album: Still da Baddest

Label: Slip-N-Slide, EMI, DP Entertainment

Producer: Jay Roc

Has anyone ever sounded more badass than Trina does on “Look Back At Me”? On the ultimate man-eater’s anthem, the Baddest Bitch doesn’t have time for amateur pipe, and she’s not afraid to let you know. Matter of fact, by the end of the track, she’s getting dressed and warning you never to speak to her again. And that, ladies, is how it’s done.

28. Twista f/ Kanye West & Jamie Foxx “Slow Jamz”

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Album: Kamikaze

Label: Roc-A-Fella, Atlantic

Producer: Kanye West

A sex jam about having sex to sex jams: “Slow Jamz” might be the most meta baby-making anthem ever recorded. Not only does Jamie Foxx’s hook namedrop Marvin Gaye, Anita Baker, and New Edition, but there’s that silky smooth sample of Luther Vandross’ “A House Is Not A Home.” Twista keeps the R&B and soul references coming triple-time (“Let me get your sheets wet, listening to Keith Sweat”), and Kanye delivers one of his weirdest and funniest one-liners: “She got a light-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson / Got a dark-skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson.”

27. TIE: Juicy J “Slob On My Knob” / La Chat “Slob On My Cat”

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Album: CrazyNDaLazDayz

Label: Hypnotize Minds

Producer: Juicy J

Though Juicy J’s version came first, it’s impossible to choose between this pair of ridiculously dirty Memphis classics—so it’s a tie. Last year, G-Eazy’s “No Limit” and A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane” both interpolated “Slob On My Knob,” making the 1999 hit trend on Apple Music nearly two decades after it was first released. Juicy J wrote the high-energy ode to getting top when he was in 11th grade—who knew it would have so much staying power? Two years after Juicy’s original, fellow Hypnotize Minds rapper La Chat released her own female-centric version on 2001’s Murder She Spoke. “Slob On My Cat” is a crucial counterpoint; there’s just something so right about La Chat’s powerful drawl describing a MMF threesome.

26. Too $hort “Freaky Tales”

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Album: Born to Mack

Label: Dangerous Minds, Jive, RCA

Producer: Ted Bohanon, Too $hort

“Freaky Tales” wasn’t just Too $hort’s breakthrough hit—it’s a cornerstone of ‘80s rap history, released at a time when rapping about sex was a total mainstream taboo. Over 10 ridiculously entertaining minutes, the Oakland rapper hones the swaggering pimp image he’d become famous for, detailing in quick but vivid sketches a solid 40-something sexual encounters. Even the beat sounds freaky—slow, minimal, but with a deeply addictive bounce. In a 2012 Complex interview, $hort described how he’d written an early version of the song in 11th grade, then later, fleshed the concept out to include a whopping 75 girls, finally landing on the 10-minute version we know: a straight-up West Coast classic.

25. Fabolous f/ Ne-Yo "Makin Love" (2009)

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Album: Loso's Way

Producer: Jermaine Dupri, No I.D.

Label: Desert Storm, Def Jam

On Loso's Way Fabo linked with Ne-Yo for a song about sex that every lady can get with. First the gentleman croons about "You can leave your hair in a mess, don't even get dressed." Then comes a self-effacing rap that show's Fabo's vulnerable side (chicks dig that.) Plus he demonstrates that he remembers every detail about the last time he and his lady get together: "June 22nd, think I came in 20 seconds." (He has a good excuse, blaming it on the Cash Money record that was playing at the time, but the girl he's rapping to suspects it was because she was just that good.) Not to worry though—this time Fabo's bringing the green, some cream, and handcuffs. This time they're gonna take their time and do it right. Hey, maybe he'll even let her lock him up.

24. David Banner "Play" (2005)

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Album: Certified

Producer: Mr. Collipark

Label: SRC, Universal

David Banner loves it when it's funky. And on this single from his Certified album, he breaks down exactly what he wants his girl to do—as well as when, where, and how. (You can figure out the "why" on your own.) And while she plays with it, he promises to "beat it like Mr. Collipark on the drums." She can even invite some friends over—cause all work and no play makes David a dull boy.

23. Ludacris "Splash Waterfalls" (2003)

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Album: Chicken-n-Beer

Producer: Icedrake

Label: Disturbing tha Peace, Def Jam

New flash: Ludacris loves rapping about sex. And he does it very very well. But on this second single from Chicken & Beer, he really outdid himself. Besides having one of the most evocative titles on this list, the song is delivered with real passion. "Put on some Babyface, just for your lady's sake/You call her babycakes." That's Sandy Coffee replying to Ludacris' lecherous lyrics. Her enthusiasm definitely gives the track some extra oomph.

22. Naughty by Nature "O.P.P." (1991)

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Album: Naughty by Nature

Producer: Naughty by Nature

Label: Tommy Boy Records

This was the hit that put the Flavor Unit's rough and rugged trio on the map before they started chanting "Hip Hop Hooray." At first they tried to play coy about the song's title, claiming that the abbreviation stood for "Other People's Property," but if you check Treach's rapid-fire lyrics there is no doubt what he's really talking about. "O is for Other, P is for People, scratchin' temple/The last P, well that's not that simple/It's sorta like another way to call a cat a kitten..." (Any BDP fan should know what "The P" stands for, but we digress.) And if there were any remaining doubts, those would be cleared up by the line about how "There's no room for relationships/There's just room to hit it." Now you know why these guys were called naughty.

21. Tone Loc "Wild Thing" (1988)

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Album: Lōc-ed After Dark

Producer: Matt Dike, Michael Ross

Label: Delicious Vinyl

One of the few Cali-based brothers not pretending to be a pimp or a gangster, (although he was a former Crip), Tone-Loc had no problem knockin' the boots. Dedicated to the working man who just wants to have a little fun on the weekend, this smash 1988 single from Loc-ed After Dark is both rough and smooth as Loc puts the moves on a few California girls. "Couldn't get her off my jack, she was like static cling," remains one of the funniest lines about sex ever.

20. Mobb Deep "Hit It from The Back" (1993)

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Album: Juvenile Hell

Producer: Mobb Deep

Label: 4th and Broadway

Before the boys from Queensbridge jumped ship from Island Records to Loud—a label that pushed their hardness to the forefront—this track from their debut was a lightweight sex anthem that was not only danceable, but also had a catchy hook. Although hip-hop wouldn't really be shook by Havoc and Prodigy's talents until their sophomore joint, "Hit It..." was the perfect rump-shaking song.

19. Black Sheep f/ Q-Tip "La Menage" (1991)

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Album: A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Producer: McLean, Q-Tip, Titus

Label: Mercury

One of the most under-rated rappers of the '90s, Dres was down with the Native Tongues posse and wrote rhymes with the humorous relish of a young Richard Pryor. Meanwhile, producer Mister Lawnge, who also raps on the track, created a smooth soundscape that was like a chocolate candy bubble bath. Featuring Q-Tip, a brother who rarely made guest appearances on other cat's jams, "La Menage" was as cool a Cadillac with crimson-colored crushed velvet interior. 

18. A Tribe Called Quest "Hot Sex" (1992)

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Album: Boomerang (Soundtrack)

Producer: A Tribe Called Quest

Label: LaFace

Featured in the hit Eddie Murphy/Halle Berry romance flick, this song by the bohemian b-boy posse stood out as one of the best on the soundtrack. This laid-back track served as the perfect theme song for Murphy's character, a womanizing advertising executive. While Q-Tip is usually too much of a poet to drop nasty rhymes, he does sneak in a line like, "I can also do your girl, so leave the ho at home/Cuz when I get done, I'll have her strung on bones." Not exactly Uncle Luke, but we get the point.

17. Slick Rick "Adults Only" (1999)

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Album: The Art of Storytelling

Producer: Dame Grease

Label: Def Jam, Universal

Shortly after being released from jail in 1999, Slick Rick reluctantly returned to the studio to work on The Art of Storytelling album. Teaming up with Harlem beatmaker Dame Grease, the Rickster penned lyrics that were as vivid as a porn video in the anal sex section (for Ricky, it's all about the back shots). Writing in precise, poetic detail about his post-prison sexual debauchery, whether in the house or while riding in elevators, Slick Rick comes across like the Henry Miller of hip-hop. 

16. Li'l Kim f/ Jermaine Dupri "Not Tonight (Original Version)" (1996)

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Album: Hardcore

Producer: Jermaine Dupri

Label: Undeas, Big Beat

It's kind of funny that in the beginning of Lil Kim's career, writers were falling over themselves to declare her a new-jack feminist instead of just admitting that girls could be nasty too. Yet, when you title your debut Hard Core and drop lyrics like, "I don't want dick tonight/Eat my pussy right," you make it clear you're not spending your nights reading bell hooks. Still there was something empowering about hearing a female rapper stand up and demand what she wanted in the bedroom. After all, she's got all the leverage in the negotiation when she says "You ain't lickin' this, you ain't stickin' this."

15. Ice Cube "Givin' Up the Nappy Dug Out" (1991)

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Album: Death Certificate

Producer: Boogie Man, Ice Cube

Label: Priority, EMI

It's impossible to see nice Ice Cube in all these family flicks he's made in the last decade and not remember when he was young and full of cum. This track, from his 1991 classic Death Certificate, gets extra points because Cube is rapping all this sex stuff to some girl's daddy. "'Cause your daughter's known for givin' up the nappy dugout," he blurts. Not sure if he's brave or dumb, but this track was a whole lotta fun.

14. Ice-T "Girls L.G.B.N.A.F." (1988)

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Album: Power

Producer: Afrika Islam

Label: Sire, Warner Bros.

Years before Ice-T became a TV toy cop working the sex crimes unit, he was just another pretty boy getting his Iceberg Slim on. Having gone from pimping to rapping, Ice wanted to prove he had lost none of his lustful edge when he transitioned into the rap game. And that's just what he did with lines like: "Get butt naked and roll around/Move our bodies like up and down/Do that stuff that your mama call smut/Girls, let's get butt naked and fuck." Written as a response to the soft love songs of his (then) arch-enemy LL Cool J, this track was more hardcore than a stroll through your local red light district.

13. Ying Yang Twins "Wait (The Whisper Song)" (2005)

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Album: U.S.A. (United State of Atlanta)

Producer: Mr. Collipark

Label: TVT

Although most hip-hop songs about doing the wild thing are not actually made to serve as soundtracks to intercourse, Ying Yang's brilliant "The Whisper Song" actually sounds sexy. With producer Mr. Collipark using a minimal bass beat that feels as though it was lifted from Prince's music vault, rapper D-Roc literally and lyrically whispers his way though the song. "I'm known to be a real nasty man," he warns. "Wait till you see my dick." Simultaneously ratchet and romantic, the words might be foul, but the Twins' presentation would make Barry White proud.

12. Big Daddy Kane "I Get the Job Done" (1989)

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Album: It's a Big Daddy Thing

Producer: Teddy Riley

Label: Cold Chillin', Reprise, Warner Bros.

Producer Teddy Riley might be best known for the new jack tracks he crafted for Guy and Bobby Brown, but that Harlem cat got his start making songs for rappers like Kool Moe Dee and Doug E. Fresh. Teaming up with the dopest rapper on the planet—at least in 1989 (sorry Rakim)—Riley bought the hardness while Big Daddy Kane delivered sexy lines about back massages and making chicks say, "'Oooh, I like it'/Just like DeBarge." Like Teddy Pedergrass for the hip-hop generation, Kane was a ladies man. If he was smart, he would be charging big bucks to give some of them other wanna-be players macking lessons.

11. Salt-n-Pepa "Let's Talk About Sex" (1990)

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Album: Blacks' Magic

Producer: Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor

Label: Next Plateau

We all know most folks don't really listen to the lyrics of songs—most are just feeling the beat. Which explains why, when this song came out twenty-two years ago, every brother on the block wanted to believe that the seasoned rappers were talking about popping their own coochies instead of trying to put folks in sexual check. For real, any song that ends with talking about "until the sores start to puff and spore," isn't really sexy. A year after its release, a somewhat rewritten version became the theme song for a public service campaign about AIDS.

10. Missy Elliott f/ Ludacris & Trina "One Minute Man" (2001)

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Album: Miss E... So Addictive

Producer: Timbaland

Label: Goldmind, Elektra

Perhaps the hardest song ever written about premature ejaculation, Missy's anthem was enough to make many grown men cringe. Co-produced with her studio husband Timabland, "One Minute Man" pulls no punches as Missy pops off about being an "all nighter, shoot all fire," only to be disappointed when homeboy's hose can't put out her flame. Whether this song was written about an actual experience we may never know, but no dude wants to hear his partner say, "It's all right, baby... it happens."

9. Khia "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" (2002)

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Album: Thug Misses

Producer: Michael "Taz" Williams

Label: Dirty Down, Artemis, Epic

God bless a woman who knows what she wants. Coming from down south, where some of the dirtiest hip-hop has been created, Khia had no problem being straightforward with her man on this oral-sex classic. While some dudes were still getting used to lunching at the Vagina Diner, our girl Khia kicked it up a notch by insisting she wanted her crack done too. Yet, who can resist a nasty girl cooing, "Make sure I keep busting nuts/all over your face and stuff." Although Khia's popularity quickly faded, this track secures her legacy forever.

8. Akinyele "Put It In Your Mouth" (1996)

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Album: Put It In Your Mouth

Producer: Chris Forte

Label: Stress, Zoo, BMG

Some dudes can get away with saying anything to women and they'd just laugh-while another cat could say the same funky stuff and he'd be facing sexual harassment charges. Well, let us just say that Akinyele falls into the former category. How else to explain lines like "I'll be like Herbie and hand you a cock"? Along with Ak's rough rhymes, Crystal Johnson's spunky vocals are a big part of the reason this track works. Perhaps it's because this guitar-strumming Chris Forte–produced jam was so catchy, but back in the day it wasn't unusual to hear a club full of chicks screaming, " your motherfucking mouth!" as though it were a manifesto of sexual liberation.

7. LL Cool J f/ LeShaun "Doin It" (1995)

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Album: Mr. Smith

Producer: Rashad Smith

Label: Def Jam

Years before Cool J became a spokesperson for race relations in America, he was content just being loved by ladies, and "Doin' It" every chance he got. While some kind of hip-hop amnesia has made most folks forget that this was a remake of LeShaun's fiery "Wild Thing," even swiping the Grace Jones music, the back-in-the-day crew recognizes. LL gets a few extra points though for the erotic noir video, directed by Hype Williams, of homie chilling at the peep show. Real film fans know it was a sampled from Wim Wender's film Paris, Texas, but it was still hotter than a phat stripper's thighs.

6. The Notorious B.I.G. f/ R. Kelly "#!*@ You Tonight" (1997)

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Album: Life After Death

Producer: Daron Jones, Sean "Puffy" Combs

Label: Bad Boy

As the Bard of Brooklyn, the Shakespeare of St. James Place, the fat man known as the Notorious B.I.G. had a way with words that put most poets to shame. Who can be mad at a dude whose idea of foreplay is sparking bluts and, "finger fuckin' in the park." Hey, he might've been nasty as Uncle Luke in heat, but the brother still laced chicks with words that sounded like the aural equivalent of a foot massage. Featuring fellow freak R. Kelly singing the "winin' and dining" hook, this Puffy-produced track is pure waterbed soul.

5. Lil Wayne f/ Static Major "Lollipop" (2008)

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Album: Tha Carter III

Producer: Deezle, Jim Jonsin

Label: Cash Money, Universal Motown

For all the haters who thought Lil Wayne was just a fad, the self-described alien of hip-hop had a trick for they ass when he put out Tha Carter III. Like Wayne with the pussy in his mouth, many haters were simply at a lost for words. Joining forces with former Playa member Static Major, he came up with this oozy sex anthem filled with clever candy puns about a girl who wants to "lick the (w)rapper." The song later won a Grammy, becoming the biggest single of Wayne's career.

4. Ludacris f/ Shawnna "What's Your Fantasy" (2000)

ludacris shawnna whats your fantasy

3. Digital Underground "Freaks of the Industry" (1990)

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Album: Sex Packets

Producer: Digital Underground

Label: Tommy Boy

Like their spiritual godfathers George Clinton and Sly Stone, the brothers from Digital Underground were well versed in funk and fucking. "Freaks" has to be one of the best aural sex songs about groupie love ever. Shock G—better known as Humpty Hump—Money B and the rest of these Oakland natives had no problem doing their thing, "never missing a spot." Perhaps they weren't exactly suave, but these brothers were always smooth.

2. UGK "Take It Off" (2001)

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Album: Dirty Money

Producer: Pimp C

Label: Jive

In his tome Dirty South, author Ben Westhoff wrote a chapter on the underrated duo UGK that made more than a few Northern snobs recognize the combined talent these partners had on the mic and behind the boards. Produced by the late, great Pimp C., this 1999 UGK joint sampled Barry White's "Love Serenade" and got straight to the trill point in a poetic way. They might've been nasty, but compared to others, UGK were the Faulkners of funk.

1. 2Pac "Temptations" (1995)

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Album: Me Against the World

Producer: Easy Mo Bee

Label: Interscope

Harlem rap star A$AP Rocky told a reporter, "I fuck bitches like I'm Tupac." Indeed, for all his Black Panther roots and loving his mama, Makaveli talked about sex a lot. Produced by Easy Mo Bee, who would go on go one to produce the majority of Biggie's debut, our man Pac lets the pussy out the bag on this track about big pimping and/or tricking on the road. Perhaps the chicks on Love & Hip-Hop should've listened to this joint instead of believing their man would be true.

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