It’s no secret that Future is pretty popular right now. Every rap fan seems to be down with Dirty Sprite 2 and What a Time To Be Alive, including model/Tyga’s ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna. But first, let us explain why this is significant.

Earlier this month, the Internet came to a conclusion that Future and Blac Chyna were dating. TMZ and The Shade Room fueled the rumor mill by saying the two were seen together at clubs and afterparties, which clearly means they’re an item. What got a lot of people talking on Twitter was when she was spotting on the set of Future’s “Stick Talk” video, and reportedly left at the end of the night together as well.

All of this brings us to Blac Chyna’s Instagram post above. She shared her new tattoo of the word Future written in cursive and captioned it with the lyrics to “Thought It Was a Drought.” Immediately, Twitter and Instagram users flooded her with “OMG ARE YOU DATING?” type of things. That’s not even the craziest part. She coincidentally posted the photo on Ciara’s 30th birthday. Welp.

Future apparently had other ideas though, and tweeted out that he's currently single at the moment. 

Ya coming at Blac Chyna for getting "future" tatted.. And then say future not following her on IG .. ya do know "future" is an actual word?

— octubre 28th (@meIaninmami) October 25, 2015

Why Blac Chyna tatt just can't mean .... THE FUTURE..

— Nermeeka ❤️ (@Nerdiction) October 25, 2015

Here I was thinking Blac Chyna just innocently liked Future's music

— ✨✨ (@deanne__x) October 25, 2015

please Tell me blacchyna is referring to " HER FUTURE" 🙄😳

— Instagram Me (@Baddiewry) October 25, 2015

Ciara named her baby Future. Blac Chyna tatted future. THIS MANS NAME ISNT EVEN FUTURE!

— skizzy highroller (@kailaniskye) October 25, 2015

blac chyna really got future name tattooed on her hand and he don't even follow her on IG

— elizabeth (@lokielizabeth) October 25, 2015

I didn't even kno Future and Blac Chyna was dating....ion think he does either tho

— jus Kalita (@mistattedmonroe) October 25, 2015

When it's Ciara birthday but Blac Chyna over there getting Future tatted on her hand

— Jessika. (@facedassjess) October 25, 2015