Producer: Too $hort
Album: Born To Mack
Label: Dangerous/Jive/RCA

Too $hort: "That was the song that put me on the map. That was a song that I wrote when I was in high school. I had a song about these hoes and I said, 'I got 16 hoes sucking ten toes.' I was like in 11th grade at the time, so people would be laughing when I said this shit. So I went back and wrote the song called 'Freaky Tales' and told the story about the 16 hoes.

“Later in life, when I first started recording professionally, I was working with a label called 75 Girls and I wrote the same concept, the same 'Freaky Tales' song, I wrote it over and it actually tells the story about these 75 girls.

“Then later on when I started my own label, Dangerous Music, that's when I made the 'Freaky Tales' everyone knows. I kinda narrowed it down to about 40-something chicks. You know the 75 girls version is real, like, boring at certain points. So I narrowed it down to just the good parts and that's the song everyone knows.”