Pusha T Laughs Off Disses Seemingly Aimed at Him: 'It's Funny to Watch'

Push claimed his peers are panicking hence all the alleged disses that have been thrown at him this summer.

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Pusha T has revealed he doesn't have a problem with certain rappers dissing him lately because it amuses him more than anything. 

In his new conversation with GQ, the Virginia native reflected on the alleged disses that have been sent his way recently, and according to him, he doesn't feel he needs to hold his tongue or even rush a response. Push is a student of the game, and when it comes to disses from other rappers, they're moreso hurting themselves. 

"You have to look at who's the talker," Push said. "When you look at who's the talker, and you look at what they've done and who they are and what they offer to you, it's funny. I've been in this game for a minute, and I've watched the game, and I've watched people at their highs and at their lows." 

He continued, "And, mind you, most people are chasing things I've never chased in hip-hop. I've never chased hit records. I've never chased anything but having incredible albums. So I'm not even surprised at the way people speak about me or whatever the case may be right now. It's like I'm watching these guys panic. You know what I'm saying? They're all panicking, and then they're trying to figure out, Wait a minute, how is this guy turning the corner and I'm not?"

Pusha T added that it's really "funny to watch" his peers throw shots at him because all that tells him is that he's doing things the way he's supposed to. As he explained, it's his "reassurance" that he's leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.  

"Oh, my God. Think about it. I've never been the guy to pal around and take the pictures with all the guys," Push said about being in the head of his peers. "I've never been the guy to collaborate with such and such and so and so. I've only collaborated with the best of the best. I've only produced with the greats of the greats." 

He added, "I've never chased a trend. I never tried to look like this or act like that or do this and that. I've only been consistent with what I do. They can't say that. None of them can. That's why they're panicking."

Pusha T's statement on people throwing disses at him followed an eventful summer where both Jim Jones and Drake threw shots at him. Capo lit the fuse when he questioned King Push's status as one of the greatest rappers of all time during an interview with The Breakfast Club. 

The Clipse member seemingly responded to Jones' comments during Paris Fashion Week, where he walked the runway of Pharrell's first Louis Vuitton show and an unreleased track played at the event. Fans believed Push dissed Capo on the song, and it didn't take long for the Dipset member to issue his own response with a freestyle. 

Drake, on the other hand, used his feature on Travis Scott's "Meltdown" off Utopia to diss Pusha T and Pharrell Williams. In his verse, Drake claimed he melted Pharrell's chains that he bought in an auction and would've been at Paris Fashion Week with the "Wassas" if Vogue hadn't sued him. 

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