Chingy Says Sidney Starr Lying About Them Sleeping Together 'Hurt My Career'

Starr eventually apologized to Chingy for starting a rumor about the two but the rapper says it still affected his success.

Man in red hat and chain, woman with wavy hair and necklace, both looking away from camera
(Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage), (Image via Instagram/@sidneystarrbad)
Man in red hat and chain, woman with wavy hair and necklace, both looking away from camera

Chingy said the lie that transgender social media personality Sidney Starr spread about them having a sexual relationship ruined his career.

In a recent conversation with TMZ, Chingy reflected on that situation effectively putting a cap on his buzzing career and how he wasn't appreciative of the way the music industry operated in that time. According to the 44-year-old, his whole career fell apart, and he was never able to fully recover, even if Starr admitted she lied about saying they hooked up.  

"When that happened I lost a lot of stuff based off a lie, which was just, that was the most oddest thing I've ever seen," Chingy said. "Nah, man, when the individual apologized, and it so-called went away, which it took years to blow away, nah, man. Ain't nothing good happened from that for me."

Chingy remarked that someone of his caliber, who had sold millions of records and enjoyed great popularity, suddenly disappearing from the limelight causes people to wonder if something happened. However, the Jackpot rapper said his absence was a result of shady industry politics, sabotage and bullcrap in relation to the situation with Starr. 

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According to Chingy, he never truly made up with Starr although he accepted her apology. In his eyes, he wanted to just come to an understanding and move on without having to be associated with Starr in any capacity.

"There's no, I mean to be honest with you, man like it was spilled milk, and I lost a lot from it. That person gained," he said. "I'm not going, I'm not gonna hold on to something. It is what it is. Apologize. Cool. I'm going this way and let that individual do their thing and a lot of stuff, man. But that situation....that hurt my career. Like I'm just gonna be honest about it."

The situation between Chingy and Starr started after a photo they took together circulated online in 2010, with the social media personality claiming they were in a relationship. People picked up the rumor and began questioning Chingy's sexuality which hurt the trajectory of his burgeoning career. 

Starr revealed in 2012 that she made the whole relationship up in order to advance her career and was apologetic towards Chingy. That wasn't enough, though, as the two never really came to an understanding and continued to take shots at each other over the years. 

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