French Montana Accuses Record Labels of Profiting Off Rappers' Deaths With Life Insurance Policies

According to French Montana, the rising death toll of young rappers in recent years has prompted labels to take out life insurance policies on their artists.

French Montana attends the 2022 BET Awards

Image via Getty/Rodin Eckenroth

French Montana attends the 2022 BET Awards

According to French Montana, the rising death toll of young rappers in recent years has caused labels to start taking out life insurance policies on their signees.

In a sit-down with Akademiks on his Off the Record podcast, the Coke Boys founder reflected on his history of beefs over the years and said his feuds at times got so tense that labels and rap peers distanced themselves from him.

“But now it’s even crazier because they getting life insurance on artists,” French said. “At least back then we ain’t have that.”

Ak interjected and said someone else had told him a similar claim. He asked French if he believed labels were being "realistic,” to which French replied it was both realistic and disturbing.

“You preying on his death,” Montana continued. “You preying on making millions on his death. … They’re being realistic and you know, you’re supposed to have life insurance anyway, but when the label does it if you don’t have one, that’s crazy, you know?”

During the extensive interview with Ak, French also addressed other rumored feuds between friends of his over the years. He brushed off the rumored fight between J. Cole and Diddy at a nightclub in 2013 and also shrugged at Drake and Diddy getting into a tit-for-tat at DJ Khaled’s 2014 birthday party.

“I don’t think none of that ever happened,” French said of the 6 God’s alleged scuffle with the Bad Boys founder. “Nah, I don’t think so. I think it was probably over a song or something, but I never really got into it. ’Cause you know they’re both like my best friends.”

Montana continued, “People be expecting me to pick a side, right? And I lose a lot of friends like that. So if I’m cool with you and I’m cool with him and y’all beef, then I’ll still say what’s up to both of y’all cause I met both of y’all at the same time. How am I wrong for that?”

Listen to French Montana’s full Off the Record interview below.

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