Eazy-E’s Daughter Offers Thoughts on Kanye and the Game’s “Eazy” Sample, Pete Davidson Line

Eazy-E's daughter spoke with TMZ, sharing her thoughts about Kanye West and the Game sampling her father as well as Ye's notable Pete Davidson diss.

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Eazy-E’s daughter Ebie Wright stopped to talk with TMZ and share her thoughts about Kanye  West and the Game’s sampling of her father.

“I think it’s a great song,” the 30-year-old daughter of Eazy-E told the outlet. “I’m a huge Kanye fan, I love Game. It’s an incredible record and it was also produced by my buddy Hit-Boy so shout out to all my guys.”

When asked about the sampling of her father’s 1988 track “Eazy-Duz-It,” Ebie gave her seal of approval. She’s also good with Ye’s infamous Pete Davidson line—“God saved me from that crash just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass”—and thinks it’s certifiably hip-hop.

“My father literally represents revolutionizing everything, he also represents gangster rap,” she said. “What Kanye did and what he said on it, I mean, it don’t get no more gangster than that.”

Ebie added that Ye knows “how to go viral” and that he “can’t do no wrong” because “Eazy taught him.”

“Oh, I absolutely think if my father was alive he would have totally loved to be a part of this record,” Ebie concluded. “I mean, it’s incredible. You can’t pay no more homage than actually using a sample from one of his biggest songs.”

While Kanye’s Pete Davidson dig has got the internet talking, the single’s cover art initiated a separate kind of response from PETA, who condemned the two MCs for using a picture “reminiscent of” a skinned monkey.

“The photo is reminiscent of the monkeys PETA has found, sometimes heads, sometimes hands, sometimes the whole body, in meat markets around the world and it makes it clear that when you remove the fur you can’t miss that there’s a person in there, that they are fellow primates, and do not belong to us to abuse for any purpose, not in laboratories, roadside zoos, movies, or meat markets,” PETA Ingrid Newkirk said to Billboard about the photograph, which had originally been taken by Nick Knight.

Check out Ebie’s full comments up top.

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