Andrew Yang Fumbles When Asked To Name Favorite Jay-Z Song

When asked whether he listened to rap music, Andrew Yang said he listened to a lot of Jay-Z & Nas, but then struggled when asked to name his favorite Jay song.

New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang once again found himself caught in an awkward situation when he was asked to name his favorite Jay-Z track.

The candidate, who has been caught with his foot in his mouth multiple times in recent weeks, once again found himself in an awkward exchange when he sat down for an interview with Ziwe Fumudoh for her most recent episode of Ziwe. 

”Do you listen to rap music by the way?” Ziwe asked. “Like what are you vibing to?” Yang paused before he answered. “I listened to a lot of hip-hop during like the ‘90s and 2000s,” he said as he name-dropped Jay-Z and Nas. “What is your favorite Jay-Z song? I mean he’s a New Yorker,” Ziwe asked. Yang pauses, looking around the room for an answer. “What is my favorite Jay-Z song?” he asks as he tries to buys time. In a leaked clip from the interview, Yang ultimately went with Jay’s Linkin Park collab “Numb/Encore” and “N***as in Paris,” which he referred to as “Ninjas In Paris.” 

i asked new york mayoral candidate andrew yang what his favorite jay z song is

— ziwe (@ziwe) May 22, 2021

Despite giving Jay a shout-out, it seems the love is not mutual. The rapper recently announced that he was endorsing former CitiGroup CEO Ray McGuire for Mayor. Jay was the latest A-list rap star to endorse the mayoral candidate, following in the footsteps of Diddy and Nas. “New York is in a state of emergency,” Diddy said. “This is my endorsement for Ray. Through those 30 years, wherever we were at, Ray was always talking about the people. We have the power to light this up.” 

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