Just six months after announcing his mayoral bid for New York City, Democrat Ray McGuire has scored endorsements from hip-hop titans Jay-Z, Diddy, and Nas

Joined by music executive Steve Stoute and radio personality Angie Martinez, the three rappers expressed their support for McGuire on a Zoom call Tuesday. Diddy, whose relationship with McGuire goes back 30 years, urged New Yorkers to support the former Wall Street executive.

“Through those 30 years, no matter where we were at, outside, wherever we were at, Ray was always talking about the people,” Diddy said. “We have to realize that New York is in a state of emergency. New York could be the first city that really does something bold to take care of the people. That’s why I was excited about this conversation, just knowing Ray.”

Jay-Z, who cited McGuire’s plan for the city’s pandemic recovery as part of the reason for his endorsement, talked about returning New York to its status as the entrepreneurial capital of the world. “People come from all over the world like, I got a chance, I got a chance to make it here. If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere. And that’s what we’re trying to protect. It’s the idea of New York and New York being what hope is.”

Nas added that, “The city is broken, and I haven’t heard anyone say anything about it. Everything he’s saying is everything I want to hear.”

Their endorsement arrives six months after McGuire left Citigroup to launch his mayoral campaign. The 63-year-old Dayton, Ohio native earned degrees at Harvard Law School, Harvard College and Harvard Business School, before rising to prominence as one of the longest-tenured Black executives on Wall Street.