Dr. Dre Is 2014's Highest-Paid Musician

No musician has ever made more money in one year.

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Given the publicity around the $3 billion sale of Beats to Apple, it was safe to assume that Dr. Dre made bank this year. What may not have been previously known is exactly how much. In 2014, Dre is projected to make $620 million, according to Forbes, making him this year's highest-paid musician. His competition isn't particularly close: At second place, Beyonce pulled in an impressive $115 million, placing her just over half a billion below Dre. Even Jay Z "only" raked in $60 million this year, and tied with Diddy. Justin Bieber sits pretty at sixth on the list with $80 million, Drake and Lady Gaga are tied at 30th, with $33 million), and Taylor Swift, who rode a new album to 11th, with $64 million.

That's a lot of money, but after the 2014 he had, it must all feel like pocket change for Dr. Dre, whose year qualifies as the biggest, single-year earning period for any musician. Ever. 

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