Nigerian Star Lojay Dropped a Hilarious Video For His Song "Canada"

It’s not every day that a Nigerian artist dedicates a song to Canada, but Lojay’s latest song, aptly titled “Canada” does just that across a four-minute video.

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It’s not every day that a Nigerian artist dedicates a song to Canada, but afrobeats star Lojay’s latest song and video, “Canada,” pays tribute to our country and some of our more memorable landmarks.

“If she see the envelope of money and she ain’t looking for no lover boy abroad/She only need a visa to Canada,” Lojay sings on the hook. DJ Maphorisa, Kabza de Small, and Herc are also listed on the track.

While the song doesn’t reference Canada all that much outside of the chorus, the video is a direct ode to the Canadian lifestyle. Singing in an older Mercedes placed in front of a green screen, Lojay sings his verses as the background changes from a snowy Tim Hortons all the way to the CN Tower.

“Girl I spray the money double double,” Lojay also sings.

Lojay mostly uses Canada as a prop to flex his money on his girl, even telling her that despite how many guys are calling her, none of them have the money to fly her out to Ottawa. Granted, Ottawa may not be the most luxurious place to visit, but hey, it’s Lojay’s thought that counts.

The video is catching on with audiences, hitting over 114,000 views in its first week. The song also got played on BBC Radio 1Xtra by DJ Target.

Lojay has kept mostly quiet this year, having previously released his last single “Leader!” in September.

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