Drake Related Website Offers A Virtual Tour Of The Rapper's Mansion

And it's packed with easter eggs galore.

Prince Williams / WireImage

Drake's merch website, drakerelated.com, offers fans a comprehensive way to stay up to date with the rapper's music, merch, tours, and more. A revamp of the site now gives them a new way to explore everything, well, Drake-related using a virtual tour of his mansion.

The website's homepage brings you to the front door of his home, with arrows pointing to various parts of it. You can access the studio, Drake's bedroom, or the lounge, while the garage is greyed out for now.

In each location, you can find various easter eggs and links to the merch Drake has put up in his store, including his new poetry book.

There are tons of secrets hidden in Drake's place, so the site is worth visiting just to find them.

With both the court and garage still off-limits, it'll be interesting to see what extra surprises they add to the tour.

Drake's house may seem empty, but that's only because he's on tour. Joining him on his journey is a "younger" Drake that sparked a debate about whether he was real or a hologram. Thankfully, we looked into it to answer the question.

Drake will also be performing in Montreal this weekend on both July 14 and 15. It'll be his first show on the tour without 21 Savage.

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