Drake Told Us We Should Get Instagram Girls To Review His Poetry Book. Here It Is.

After we published a story of award-winning poets reviewing Drake's poetry book, he sent us a DM and suggesting we get "the baddest Instagram girls" to review it instead. Here's what they had to say.

Last week, we sent excerpts of Drake's new poetry book to a selection of award-winning authors and asked for their opinions on his poems.

Overall, the poets seemed to have a good time with the book and enjoyed its humor (read the full story here, written by Complex contributor Sama’an Ashrawi). But there were some mild criticisms, too, and one poet ultimately concluded, "It’s kind of just a book of puns. Silly lil' jokes."

Shortly after the article was published, Drake hopped in ComplexMusic's Instagram DMs and left a suggestion: "Can you do an article now where the baddest Instagram girls in the world review my poetry book, not the head of the Mos Def fan club... Thanks 😂."

Honestly, we kind of see where he's coming from. Titles Ruin Everything isn't a traditional poetry book. It's a collection of one-liners and off-the-cuff musings that fall in line with Drake's own lyrics. These poems will definitely be used as Instagram captions all summer, so it only makes sense to get a group of IG models to review them.

Drake knows how to make content as well as anyone (this isn't even the first time he's sent us a DM with a suggestion for an article) so we thought we'd take him up on it. But instead of an article, we made a whole video out of it. Without further ado, we present a poetry reading of Titles Ruin Everything. Watch below.


Life is about perspective. First, award-winning poets, now IG models. Here's a review of Drake's new poetry book, inspired by a DM from the man himself. #drake

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Thank you to Langdan Willoughby, Gabrielle Kniery, Shanellys Felix, and Hamel Patel for participating. And shouts to the crew—Deborah Cardoso, Stefan Breskin, Eric Skelton, Aia Adriano, Sidney Jones, Reshan Hangiligedara, and Jermaine Dyson—for pulling this together on short notice. For anyone interested, Drake is selling the book on his website here.

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