You Can Buy Justin Bieber's Right Yeezy Sneaker If You Have Thousands of Dollars to Spare

Justin Bieber tossed his Yeezy sneakers into a crowd in Frankfurt, Germany, and the right shoe is available for purchase on eBay for thousands of dollars.

yeezy being sold that could be justin bieber's
Image via eBay
yeezy being sold that could be justin bieber's

For the average person, getting a pair of Yeezys is damn near impossible. Even if you're all set to spend a couple hundred dollars when the latest sneakers are back in stock, it's an uphill battle trying to beat resellers and sneaker heads to the punch.

Justin Bieber doesn't have that problem, because he has access to a lot of connections you don't. So while he was on stage at a recent concert in Frankfurt, Germany, he decided he was going to toss a pair of Yeezys into the crowd, providing a lucky fan with a nice souvenir to remember the evening by.

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Or at least that's what he was going for. Instead, the separate halves of the pair have been turned into internet sensations on their own. Whoever caught Bieber's right Yeezy decided they were going to sell it for as much they could, and they went directly to eBay to demand a high price. The listing for the sneaker is asking for an opening bid of 5,000 Euros, the equivalent of around $5,643 according to eBay's listed conversion rate.

There are reasons to be skeptical of the listing. For one, the seller has no history on eBay, so we can't be sure this is the genuine article based on their track record. Though they've promised to provide more proof that it is indeed Bieber's right Yeezy, short of a video of the shoe flying toward them it would be hard to provide authentication.

Evidence left behind by the left shoe might help corroborate the story, however. If you can believe it, the left Yeezy has its own account on Instagram with almost 6,000 followers, featuring a number of videos and pictures of the sneaker "posing" with fans of Bieber. In one of the posts, we get to see the size of the shoe, which is listed as a U.S. 8.5.

Though you have to rotate the picture to get a good look at the size tag inside the shoe, this matches pictures of the right Yeezy listed on eBay. Unless there's some sort of grand conspiracy being committed by someone in possession of a similarly small white pair of Yeezys, there looks to be a match.

I still wouldn't advise dropping over 5K on a pair of sneakers, let alone half a pair, but if you have the money and are really that desperate to get your hands on a lightly used Bieber sneaker, go nuts, I guess. 

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