Video Shows Aspiring Rapper Confront 50 Cent Because Fifty Wouldn't Look at His IG

But why would anyone do this to 50 of all people?

This is a photo of 50 Cent.

Image via Getty/Thaddaeus McAdams

This is a photo of 50 Cent.

Why are so many people testing 50 Cent as of late?

A rapper by the name of NFL DUME approached the rapper with intentions of proving his worth as an artist. Instead of a demo CD, thumb drive, SoundCloud link, or any other promotional material, the aspiring artist only had his Instagram account to show. 50 wasn't interested at looking at his Instagram account.

NFL DUME was not happy that 50 didn't want to look at his Instagram account.

This guy really confronted @50Cent because he wouldn’t check out his IG?! 😳🤦🏽‍♂️
🎥: luccibagz

— 935 KDAY (@935KDAY) June 6, 2019

In the video, Mr. Jackson can be seen attempting to walk away from DUME, but the latter wasn't having it, provoking him in hopes of an altercation ensuing. 50 fittingly asked him "are you crazy?" To which the Jersey native responded, "I am crazy! I'm crazy about my talent."

Rather than beating the brakes off of him, the Queens mogul decided to offer some sage advice. "Your shit is not gonna work. You know why?" he asked. "Because you're stupid. The way you approaching me is wrong."

Perhaps the most bizarre part about this entire incident was the fact that the Power star was in the company of Nikki Nicole from Black Ink Crew: Chicago, yet DUME insisted on causing a scene, potentially ruining their date.

NFL DUME has since posted on his IG, bragging about how his views are going up. If he were to somehow capitalize off of this event and make some money, he better enjoy it while it last, because chances are Fofty is just going to demand a payment by Monday for what he's owed. 

But seriously, can one really brag about almost fighting a rapper because he didn't want to look at your Instagram account?

50 took advantage of the situation and made merch. Cop yours now.


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