Power is calling it a day after six seasons on the air.

The Starz drama, executive produced by 50 Cent, announced the decision Thursday. Per a report from Deadline, which previously filled the world in on spin-off chatter last year, expansion plans for the franchise are indeed already in motion. In an interestingly worded statement, series creator Courtney A. Kemp teased that multiple characters currently stand a chance at post-Power lives.

"But we will play with your expectations of which characters, where, and the master timeline of it all, creating a Power universe as unpredictable as the original," Kemp said Thursday.

In an Instagram post, 50 said there were actually a total of four spin-offs currently in the works, though it hasn't been made clear whether these have all been given the go-ahead or if they've simply all been put into early development.

"GAME OF THRONES ain't got SHIT ON ME," 50 said of Power's final season, premiering Aug. 25. I'm going to assume that's actually a reference to a certain time-bending coffee cup.

50 recently had a bit of a public spat with fellow Power executive producer Randall Emmett, during which he demanded the delivery of a $750,000 payment of allegedly owed funds.