Will Smith Might Have Just Won the Viral "In My Feelings" Challenge

Will Smith decided to spend his last day in Budapest climbing one of the city's most iconic bridges to create one of the best responses to the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, this summer's viral dance challenge inspired by the Drake song of the same name.

Drake, apparently not happy with being the undisputed king of the 2018 music charts so far, inadvertently created a late-breaking entry for the song of the summer when he released “In My Feelings” on his newest album, Scorpion. The song spun off a viral social media dance challenge—known both as the #InMyFeelingsChallenge and the #DoTheShiggy, for the dance the video should feature—and has taken over the internet. (The challenge has made the song so famous that fans even think they've found Keke, and are quoting the song at her on Instagram.) But now that Will Smith has officially submitted his entry, it’s definitely not too early to call it: ladies and gentleman, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has won the #InMyFeelingsChallenge. 

Per his caption, Smith’s video features him on his last day in Budapest. He looks out the window and sees the beautiful Széchenyi Chain Bridge, an icon of the city. Soon, he’s pictured literally climbing to the top of the bridge—“this can’t be legal,” he says at one point—and when he gets there, he rolls into the now famous Shiggy dance. It’s going to be a very hard challenge video to top. 

We should have seen this coming. We were out here for years on Instagram, doing the most to get those likes, until Smith decided he was going to upstage every last one of us and hop on the app. His arrival has crowned him the undisputed king of the ‘gram, as he shares hilarious family footage and inspirational videos. 

“I woke up this morning in my feelings,” Smith said at the end of the video. “I got to let them out.”

For what it’s worth, Smith has been producing excellent content while in Budapest. He recently chatted with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller for a fantastic interview in which he spoke about his upcoming rap projects but also threw around some compliments for some of the biggest names in the game right now, including Meek Mill, Kanye West, and, of course, Drake. 

Smith said Drake’s success is interesting because not only has he “had the most interesting success in the last four or five years,” but he’s also been able to maintain it even with social media, which can make it hard for stars to do so. Drake was clearly feeling the love, and even raps "helipad from Will Smith crib straight to the stage" on "8 Out of 10," also off Scorpion.

By the way, that was also the interview in which Smith revealed JAY-Z’s incredible reaction to seeing Will Smith slap a reporter back in 2012, a reaction which is worth reproducing here (just imagine it in a funny JAY-Z impression):

“I just saw the video of you slapping the dude in Russia, I just want you to know you’ll never make a better piece of entertainment. It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Me and B, we got a show tonight, but we thinking about canceling and just staying in and just watching you slap this dude.”

Will Smith’s new music project remains somewhat mysterious, but with his proven chokehold on social media, mostly held together by the fact that he is just so excellent in everything he posts, probably means there’s something promising brewing. Until then, watch that #InMyFeelingsChallenge video again. 

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