Top Dawg Promises 'Best Doctors' for SZA After She Says Voice Is 'Permanently Injured'

SZA recently deleted a series of tweets that suggested her vocal injuries were permanent.

Last week, TDE president Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith announced he had to removeSZA from the label’s Championship Tour due to a vocal injury. Concern for the singer has grown after she fired off a series of exasperated tweets on Wednesday in which she suggested her voice had been permanently damaged. In an apparent effort to calm the waters, Top Dawg took to his Twitter on Thursday morning to answer a fan in his mentions and calm everyone down by assuring SZA will get “the best doctors.”

thank you....i will get her with the best doctors and she will be fine...#TDE

A couple days after Top Dawg announced SZA’s vocal injury, she took to Instagram to explain the situation further. SZA explained she had been touring for 11 months, and as a result her voice became gradually more and more damaged. She had been pushing through and taking steroid shots, but couldn’t anymore and was forced to stop singing temporarily. She said it was “super weird to be blamed for stuff outta my control,” suggesting at least some people had been angry for not seeing her on the scheduled tour dates. “If I don’t pause now, I’ll be forced to pause permanently,” she wrote at the time. 

SZA returned to the stage in New York City on Tuesday, but soon after her performance she posted (then deleted) a series of tweets that suggested that night had been a “test” that her voice had failed, and that it was “permanently injured.” She also wrote she wanted “to be left alone” and that she “needed space.”


The Championship Tour started earlier this month and will finish on June 16. As of right now there is no update on whether SZA will be at any of the remaining shows, with stops set for Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Toronto, and more. 

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