A day after Top Dawg Entertainment Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith announced SZA has been temporarily pulled from the label’s Championship Tour due to a vocal injury, SZA herself has taken to Instagram to speak on the issue. “If I don’t pause now, I’ll be forced to pause permanently,” she wrote. 

SZA reposted Top Dawg’s statement, which claimed the singer’s vocal chords were swollen, and added in her caption that this “didn’t happen overnight” but her attempts at “troubleshooting” the matter, like taking medication and just “pushing through,” have not worked. 

She’s insisted she’s not sick, but her voice is just not working. She apologized for having to miss the shows on the tour, but also added that she’s trying her hardest to speed up the healing process with medication. “It’s a waiting game and it’s super weird to be blamed for stuff out of my control, but I get it,” she added. 

SZA has already missed two concert dates, in Arizona and New Mexico. Top Dawg promised to find a way to make it up to the fans who were counting on seeing her at those shows, but as of right now the priority is clearly making sure SZA keeps her lovely voice. 

The Championship Tour started earlier this month in Vancouver, and will go on until June 16 and include stops in Atlanta, NYC, Boston, and Toronto.