21 Savage and Amber Rose 'Give Back to Community' by Dropping Over $20K at Club

21 Savage and Amber Rose are living their best lives.

Amber Rose and 21 Savage turned up at Club Crucial in Atlanta on Monday night to help promote 21 Savage’s Issa Album, and apparently, #feminism. Their club appearance included dropping a whopping $22,000 just on ladies at the club, according toTMZ.

The report claims the new couple dropped the cash by literally throwing it at the crowd. According to TMZ, this counted as “giving back to the community,” and giving back to the women of the community in particular is part of a weekly tradition that Amber and Savage were just happy to take part in.

It certainly seems like the couple is doing well, and not just well enough to be able to give away a cool $22,000 in one night.

Wiz Khalifa, Rose’s ex, has already given the couple his blessing. "He's a good guy,” Khalifa recently said. "He's a good kid, everything I know about him." Savage apparently lives up to that description; he was quick to come to Rose’s defense in a recent interview with Real 92.3 LA when asked about the relationship. Savage said he’s not here for any ”disrespect" toward his girlfriend, adding “no hoes, no bitches, no nothing. Because I'm pullin' up. On god."

Rose posted a photo to her Instagram recently with a heartfelt caption, telling her followers how happy she is in the relationship. "I've cried endlessly and been hurt a lot in my life, I've been abused, talked to like I wasn't shit, been gaslighted and Slut shamed by men that I once loved and cared about," Rose wrote. "So I'm so thankful that God brought this amazing person in my life who genuinely has my back and is ready to 'pull up' to defend my honor by any means."

21 Savage kicks off a string of shows later this month.

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