Wiz Khalifa Is Totally Cool With Amber Rose and 21 Savage's Relationship

Wiz Khalifa was bothered by dudes with cameras at Tao this weekend, resulting in him sharing some thoughts on Amber Rose x 21 Savage.

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Wiz Khalifa got bothered by the paparazzi after leaving the Tao restaurant in Hollywood over the weekend, an encounter which predictably resulted in inquiries about Amber Rose and 21 Savage. If you're not up on the news that matters, here's a quick catchup: Rose and Savage are apparently a thing now.

Asked how he felt about the relationship and Savage's involvement with his and Rose's son, Khalifa had nothing but good things to say. "He's a good guy," Khalifa toldTMZ after fielding questions about his recent Bong Rips EP. "He's a good kid, everything I know about him."

In an Instagram post Sunday featuring the two wearing matching Space Jam sweatshirts, Rose opened up about how "amazing" her time with Savage has been. "I've cried endlessly and been hurt a lot in my life, I've been abused, talked to like I wasn't shit, been gaslighted and Slut shamed by men that I once loved and cared about," Rose wrote. "So I'm so thankful that God brought this amazing person in my life who genuinely has my back and is ready to 'pull up' to defend my honor by any means. Maybe he's just as broken as me and that's why we're perfect for each other but either way he's not going anywhere and neither am I [sic]."

Rose's "pull up" comment is a reference to a recent Savage interview in which he briefly addressed their relationship. Speaking with the Real 92.3 LA team, Savage vowed to not tolerate any "disrespect" toward Rose from anyone. "Keep your mouth closed," he suggested. "No hoes, no bitches, no nothing. Because I'm pullin' up. On god."

The coming months will be busy ones for both Rose and Savage. Rose's third annual SlutWalk event hits Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles in October. Savage, fresh off the release of Issa Album, has a string of tour dates coming up including stops in St. Petersburg, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

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