Young Thug RICO Trial Sees Sheriff's Deputy Intervene as Attorneys Quarrel

Tensions were high on day 42 of Georgia's longest-running criminal trial.

Scott Cunningham / NBAE via Getty Images

Judge Ural Glanville wasn’t having it. 

On day 42 of the YSL/Young Thug RICO trial, the presiding judge reprimanded the prosecution and defense for their heated in-court behavior. Footage of the moment, which crime reporter Meghann Cuniff shared via X on Thursday, showed Fulton County Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love and defense Doug Weinstein raising their voices and talking over each other as they argued about witness testimony. The tensions became so high that a sheriff’s deputy felt compelled to step in and intervene.

“Hey, hey, hey,” the officer could be heard saying in the clip. “Ms. Love, both of y’all keep talking at the same time.”

Love was quick to point out that she was addressing the court before Weinstein tried cutting her off.

“Both of y’all just need to take it down a notch,” Judge Glanville said.

“And so, your honor, if I may finish because I was the one speaking before Mr. Weinstein interrupted,” Love said.

Attorney argument got so heated in the Young Thug trial today that a sheriff’s deputy stepped in.

— Meghann Cuniff (@meghanncuniff) March 14, 2024
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“But you have continually engaged in this pattern of behavior, Ms. Love,” the judge said. “You don’t want to accept my ruling. I know you’re being an advocate, but at some point, stop. Just stop. I made my ruling—good, bad, or indifferent to you. You’re gonna win some, you’re gonna lose some.”

According to Atlanta News First, the debate centered around Deamonte “Yak Gotti” Kendrick, a YSL associate and one of Thug’s five remaining co-defendants. Weinstein reportedly asked the court to suppress Gotti’s interrogation statements as evidence, a request that Judge Glanville granted.

“We were ready to present evidence…the court is not allowing us to present the evidence,” Love said in court. “We have the burden of proof and we haven’t even been able to present the evidence that we have. We only—for the sake of ease—allowed the court to introduce the statements that the defendant [Gotti] made…to help Mr. Weinstein play the portion that he wanted to talk about.”

The RICO trial, which is now the longest in Georgia history, resumed on Thursday after a weeklong delay. Thug and his co-defendants are accused of participating in criminal street gang activity, including everything from drug distribution and firearm possession to armed robbery and murder.

If Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, is convicted of the charges, he faces a maximum sentence of 120 years behind bars.

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