Meek Mill Shuts Down Speculation He Was Criticizing Lori Harvey and Damson Idris' Relationship

Meek raised eyebrows on Friday, when he tweeted: 'Y’all let that gal f#%k anybody.' He clarified the post was a line from PARTYNEXTDOOR's new song.

Meek Mill shuts down speculation he was commenting on Lori/Damson relationship

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Meek Mill shuts down speculation he was commenting on Lori/Damson relationship

Meek Mill is setting the record straight.

The Philadelphia rapper raised eyebrows on Friday when he tweeted, “Y’all let that gal f#%k anybody.” Many quickly assumed Meek was throwing shade at Lori Harvey and her rumored relationship with Damson Idris. Why? Well, it all came down to timing.

Y’all let that gal f#%k anybody 🛝

— MeekMill (@MeekMill) January 13, 2023

Meek’s tweet came shortly after Idris seemingly confirmed he and Harvey were an item. The Snowfall actor took to Instagram to share a couple of photos of Harvey; one showed her holding up stacks of cash to her ears, while another showed Idris kissing the 26-year-old model/entrepreneur on the cheek.

Lori Harvey in an appearance on Damson Idris' Instagram

Lori Harvey in an appearance on Damson Idris' Instagram

Twitter users accused Meek of taking a petty shot at Harvey, who has been romantically linked to Future, Diddy, Trey Songz, Lewis Hamilton, and Michael B. Jordan. Some fans also pointed out that Meek expressed interest in Harvey in his 2018 track “Going Bad.”

“I got Lori Harvey on my wish list/That’s the only thing I want for Christmas,” he rapped in the original version. 

Meek changed the lyrics during his performance at Summer Jam 2021: “I took Lori Harvey off my wishlist/That’s the only thing I wanted for Christmas.”

Meek is still checking that Christmas wishlist huh

— Jade (@jadeshareee) January 13, 2023

Meek has since addressed the speculation in a series of tweets, insisting his initial post had nothing to do with the rumored couple, and was a simply a line from PARTYNEXTDOOR’s newly released song, “Her Old Friends.

They really got that pr shit on smash lol they confusing meeee … it’s sad they got our people confused on high levels or these gotta be bots it’s no way people got that dumbed down

— MeekMill (@MeekMill) January 13, 2023

Meek went on to call Idris his “real friend,” and proceeded accuse certain outlets of fueling unnecessary drama, rather than focusing on positive news.

Damson my real friend … the shade room posted and made it as I’m coming at him and his lady tf ….. these sites ruined many friendships and families …seeing all that negativity you become that! I stay away from people that live in those comments they be secretly miserable!

— MeekMill (@MeekMill) January 13, 2023

I don’t pay them blogs and they gotta post me daily with great news ….them sites based off black hatred they even caught me by replying … but bro my real friend and shawty not in my world they pushing black hatred lol them blogs are for “narcissism use only”

— MeekMill (@MeekMill) January 13, 2023


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