Montreal's Moonshine Releases Its Second "SMS for Location" Mixtape

The mixtape comes a year after the inaugural edition.

moonshine sms for location vol 2

Image via Publicist

moonshine sms for location vol 2

Anyone who's been to one of Moonshine's now-infamous parties is familiar with the phrase "SMS for location," because its exactly what is required of the loyal partygoers each and every month if they want to partake in the all-night dance parties where the sonic stylings range from Afro to techno to baile and back. Now, almost a year to the day since the release of its inaugural mixtape which bears the phrase as its name, the collective returns with another globe-spanning follow-up, SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol. 2.

The mixtape coincides with the collective’s four-year anniversary, and brings together a diverse cross-section of producers, vocalists and DJs from Canada and beyond who’ve been affiliated in some capacity to the Moonshine crew. “With this second volume, I wanted to showcase the many facets of Moonshine," explains Moonshine co-founder Pierre Kwenders—who personally contributed "Douk Saga" to the project. "Often, people have a very specific idea about us. They think we play nothing but Afro rhythms, or strictly techno tracks. So I wanted to take listeners on a boundary-busting voyage over the course of which they’d experience the full scope of Moonshine: moments of crazy percussive highs, remarkably soothing melodies and total rhythmic grace.”

As with Vol. 1, this second mixtape will be available to download free of charge simply by sending a text message to +15146124859—a nod to how the collective continues to run its parties, as well as an homage to the dwindling bootleg culture that was once the norm prior to the current digital ubiquity. Listen to SMS FOR LOCATION, Vol. 2 below.

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